Do you remember names


Do you remember names like someone intruce him/herself and a week latter you see that person would you remember his name. I have a poor memmories i cant remember the names of actors, boxers and so on.



I usually forget ppl’s names during the conversation that follows the introduction.



i can remember some names but i can’t remember faces , the face recognition button was not put into my data banks when i was created , it does not bother me, but other people think i am rude when i just walk right past them !
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I too am terrible at remembering names and events. I get introduced to someone, and immediately forget their name afterwards.
It’s been really embarrassing, as I’ve previously introduced friends from different circles to one another, even though they already know each other quite well.
I just can’t remember key facts.



I am so so with names. It can take quite a few times of seeing someone for the name to register. I am better at remembering faces than names.



I am very horrid at remembering names. I try, but no luck. I also forget faces. I try and be as polite about it as possible, but I just can remember the names.



I know I keep jumping in on your guys threads. I have difficulty with names and faces. A lot of the times I will write down names so that they get stuck in my head easier. When I was working I would meet people outside of the office and not recognize them when I knew who they were in the office. Yes it can be embarrassing. I just say that I’m horrible with names and sorry what is your name again. The usual response is that they are horrible with names too. Or sorry I didn’t recognize you right way works too.

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I for one am always happy to see your avatar in a post. I have always valued your input and cool advice. I’m glad your jumping in. I always felt a little sad on the other forum when people would say “Oh, I can’t read or post on the diagnosed section as I’m not diagnosed…”
It reminded me of the tables at a lunch room. We’re all in this to learn and try and make things better.
Thank you for your posts and ideas.



Exactly. I agree with J. There’s two sides on the coin. You can’t get rid of one side and keep the other. :slight_smile:



I am not very good with names, and it seems like it’s getting worse. Not so great with faces either, but better than remembering names.