Potty training, at what age? (not a parenting question but a rant)

so yes I am taking care of two little girls, one of which is 2 years old, and almost ready to start with the use of a toilet, so I google ‘potty training, At what age should i start?’

I click on a blog that seems, by name to be a good resource…boy was i wrong…

The woman’s most recent blog post was a rant about how someone ‘degraded’ her by saying her child was filfthy and smelly…well by her own admission his diaper was dirty and he hadn’t had a bath in three weeks…

The child is 8 years old, and suffers no mental handicaps, the reason he isn’t potty trained? “He doesn’t WANT to use the toilet, so how can i force him to use it?”

Why hasn’t he had a bath in three weeks? “Because he doesn’t WANT to take a bath, so why SHOULD i force him?”

The woman advocates for ‘free range’ parenting…allowing children to decide when and how they will start a chapter of their lives.

Letting your 8 year old son crap his pants becuae he doesn’t feel like going to a toilet is not parenting, its being lazy and nasty.

I’m not saying that a looser hold on your child is bad, but you have to set some boundries, some limits.

It is NOT okay for a ‘healthy’ child to be in diapers at age 8! This child isn’t ‘free range’ hes a brat! Free range parenting is letting your kids go to a park alone, or sleep over at a friends house with no parents, not letting him Sh!t his pants and go for almost a month without bathing!

And then the woman has another post, about how she was ‘shamed’ for breast feeding, her 12 year old daughter! Who, accordin to someone who replied who witnessed it, said she didn’t want to and cried because it was ruining her life.

This woma is blogging about ‘great parenting’ and her kids are either brats or miserable!

If i turn into this kind of parent, please one of you come and beat me to death…

Setup a reward system. If he likes Spider-Man then get a Spider-Man seat, Spider-Man soap.etc. around 2-3 is the average age

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That person has either got to be trolling or is guilty of at least bordering on abuse.

I would be happy to commit to that. :wink:

I personally started potty training at age 2, but I was ahead of the curve anyway…since you know I was pooping in pots and pans at that point…not something my mom was happy about…

but I mean that is just ridiculous, to not potty train your kid by age 8, and to force your daughter to breast feed as a preteen, provided of course this woman is for real, as @Turnip points out…it could just be someone trying to get attention by being a total troll…

I actually decided to start potty training my 2 year old because of this…we bought a Tangled potty seat, and a bunch of stickers for rewards…as well as of course, training pants…

I think positive reinforcement is the way to go. I was a late bloomer in fully potty training, still wet the bed sometimes even into preschool age, was due to stress. My mother didn’t understand and used punishment instead of positive reinforcement, which made the issue worse. A special seat and stickers sounds good. :thumbsup:

I was potty trained with a reward system of food myself, if I used the toilet I got Chinese food for supper…I was obsessed wt Chinese food as a toddler…

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