Potty training tips ? . For other mums

We have started to potty train qwertle. Very slowly i will add.

At the moment we are spendinf alot of time in the garden and having the potty out there so if there are any accidents it really doesnt matter.

At the moment he is inside though with no nappy on and potty out.

When i first.showed him the potty he was scared of it. But now he is actually sitting on it.

I am hoping before our next one arrives he will be potty trained.

Any advice or tips ?



Mom said my pooping/peeing hours were hectic and that I was able to walk, talk and even sing before I became self-aware and started asking to use the potty.

Around 3 years old I began to suffer with chronic constipation. One time, I remember it vividly, after going 3 days without a single fart, they grew very worried and dad took me out on a long walk. Turns out I needed to move around more. On the way back, a supreme urge to poop took over me. I couldn’t contain it. They had to throw me in the bathtub and sanitize me. I wouldn’t be shocked to hear they burned the underwear I was wearing that day :innocent:


My aunt used this trick for potty training my cousin…make little paper boats (or but plastic ones) and put them in the water, then tell your son to “sink” them with his potty. Sounds like fun!


I cant really remember much about potty training Kid. The only thing I remember is that I had to let it rest for a while. Kid knew exactly when he needed to go. And what was expected. But was not very keen on going on the potty. He would look at me with his eyes challenging me, in a joyfully naughty way, grand smile, announcing something like (difficult to translate): “I will happily pee in my diaper right now…”

In other words: it turned into a bit of a powerstruggle. His headstrong attitude is his father’s genes, I swear. :grimacing:

I think I just told him at a certain point, that the potty was there, and he could decide to use it or not. That he could get a sticker if he used it. But it was completely his choice, all was fine by me. And didn’t mention a thing anymore. Completely let it go. I think after a while, he just decided to go for the stickers.


Some good ideas there. Thanks.folks. will have to buy some stickers.

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Keep in mind this is fatherly Advice. When your child is in diapers and starts to wander off by himself or herself? This means they’re ready to be potty trained. By putting them on a toilet made for them. At an early age. And give them something to occupy themselves while they sit there. May not be the best thing. To where as a child who occupies himself will stay longer as an adult in the bathroom. My experience. Other things you can do. Let’s make a game out of it. For boys you can put Cheerios in the toilet. This gives them something to aim at. Also cleanliness rules. Are a terrible Must. Teaching your child to wash his hands after going to the bathroom. Should be rewarded. Such as saying you may have something if you wash your hands. Or give him a bar a soap that smells good and says this smells good. Just my 2 cents. You’re friend.

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That worked for me until I started peeing in my sister’s cereal.

What is a 12 year old supposed to think.

My sister no longer likes Cheerios. They are too tangy now for her taste.


Let him go everytime he wants. Don’t try getting him in real undies until he is around 3, they just don’t have good focus for potty all the time until then.

Even when he gets good at it, keep a pack of pullups on hand in his size for if he gets a tummy bug.

Never make a big deal over accidents.

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