Do you parents support you with money


I get about $500 a month from them, although I don’t really need it now. But it’s nice to know that I don’t have to rely on my savings.


I don’t even get a birthday text. They don’t like me.


Yes. My mum isn’t always there to help me whenever. However I feel my mum (and I may be totally wrong) has money issues. In a way I feel like I’m being exploited and don’t want any help at all.

I am fortunate to be in a position to stand on my own 2 feet but I don’t mind her at all treating me to a meal or that sort of thing here and there. She paid my TV licence a while back. But I don’t let it go any further. I feel like if she had it her way we would be in each other’s pockets and that is not st all healthy.

But yes she is always there and that I really appreciate.


yes, I rely for almost everything on my mom wow…


They have in the past. Helped me get overseas and owe them a lot so these days I live at their home and pay more for my living to help them out! Least I can do!

Not so bad to help them out when I can!


I am dependant on my family no social benifit no disability money … i earn nothing…my family is my god…


I help my parents out financially. When I was younger they used to help me out. Now it’s the other way around


I’m sorry you have it rough over there.


I lived with my parents again during/after my divorce with my infant son and raised him in their home, which was 18 years total, from age 29 to 47. I worked most of those years and paid for my own food, insurance, clothes, etc, but my folks helped with those things sometimes too. I could not have done it on my own.


Both my parents are dead so, no, they don’t support me. But, I inherited some money from both of them when they died. Not much though.


my parents help me out with everything, i don’t demand much until lately, i don’t qualify for financial aid in college, so my parents pay for that out of pocket. i’m not mature enough to manage my own finances, after all, i have been ill since age 19. my development was arrested in that area, so i don’t know the ins and outs of it. kind of like how they don’t allow me to drive anymore on account of im crazy.


my mom helps if there is an emergency that we can’t afford…like Angie’s car needing repairing…right away, no fuss…mom helps…I will be in a pickle once she passes away but I try not to think about it.


Just gasoline and warm meals. And a roof over my head lol.


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