Do you meditate?

I think i will try meditation before or after my 30min. Walk. Do you meditate? How long does it take?


I meditate sometimes
I find it hard to actually sit still and meditate
I did 15 minutes progressive muscle relaxation the other day and I noticed I felt calmer
You can get lots on YouTube
My therapist says it helps with anxiety and stress but you have to keep practicing

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I have an app called “youper”. I strongly recommend it :slight_smile:

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I try to but usually just fall asleep hahaha

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All of my life in every second,

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its great if you do it right. sometimes its successful, sometimes not.

I practice vipassana meditation for about a half hour on a seiza bench though lately I have been neglecting my practice.

I meditate everyday, several times a day. It helps me so much mood wise. It keeps me calm and tranquil.

I’ve tried a good few times but I’ve some pretty bad intrusive thoughts which throw me off

@Greenmind You can meditate as along as you wish, but with short increments. 5 mins - 15 mins - 30 mibs - 45 mins etc.

My advice is not too meditate for too long

You can use guided meditations on YouTube and when you’re familiar with those, you can do them by yourself. Just remember to focus on your breath.

Hope this helps …

Only while I’m sleeping. It’s a fine art.

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You’re subconsciously meditating. Big difference. :smile:

I only meditate for 12 or 20 or 30 minutes at a time. Never more than 30 minutes in one sitting.

I do at the end of the day. It helps me process events and settle before sleep.

Sometimes I meditate after waking up from a nightmare as well

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