Do you love life? Poll

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I think ive lost caring in such a thing but im interested to see what other people think about life and all that. Do u really think its all that great?

Given that life has its ups and downs, especially if you have schizophrenia, I voted sometimes.

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There are things about my life that I like, but there are parts of it I don’t care for. That’s why I said “sometimes”.

Yes, it depends whether Im feeling high or low - I voted “Sometimes”

I said yes, because really, I love a challenge and while I have my bad times when I wish I could die, for the most part I look forward to the tough times as a test of my will power, a challenge to overcome.

I put sometimes - I really meant some of it. Particularly nature + some images of kids + people at a distance. Today I passed in the car a woman sitting on the corner of a wall holding in her arms a very stiff bunch if long yellow and red flowers with a yellow bow. And then I saw she was crying. I felt for her, though face to face I wouldn’t know how to face her + would have hated her. Still I wondered why she was crying.

I have 2 wonderful children, i found my soul mate, and were doing ok. But despite so many pluses my sz is currently a huge burden. If i was alone it wouldnt bug me as much but i cant help but feel they would be better off without me despite them saying otherwise. I put sometimes i just havent found the right meds yet and it all kind of gets to me on my bad days.

I am currently awake because of the new baby in my house, I am the legal guardian of my dead friends two children, will hopefully be adopting them when the time frame is up, but I forgot how much a 4 month old cries at night. no work tomorrow, so no worries about being tired, but my GF has a physical fitness test for the police academy starting at 6 am so I have to keep the baby quiet so she can sleep…

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Rocking and singing worked with my youngest. Also rubbing up and down from the tip of the nose to the center of the eyebrows not only worked on my oldest one but also mt gf. Thats very awesome you took on your fallen friends children.

I have always loved children. I’m the oldest of five kids so its a natural instinct for me. Well I grew up the oldest I actually have four older siblings by my Bio dad, but I didn’t meet any of them until I was in my 20s.

And yeah ive done the rocking and singing, but I think her problem may be the pain the doctors said she may suffer, basically head aches. Her mother commited suicide while 7 months pregnant. poor little girl was in the womb for almost an hour ebfore being removed by C section, but, the docs say she has minimal brain damage, in fact she may end up a little ‘slow’ but she should be otherwise normal as she grows, but headaches are going to be common for her.

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I think human life is great. All I need to do to appreciate merely observing it is to look at it from the perspective of survival. The ways humans are able to survive are amazing. Some people make a living out of singing, for example. That’s just absurd, but I like it. Imagine a bird singing so good that other birds go on and bring it food just like that. Or something like astronomy. Someone staring at the stars as a way to survive. It would be a queer thing to observe in the animal world, some animal staring at the skies, and being so good at staring at the skies that he receives his dinner or impresses a mate with it… but human culture enables such a queer activity to be a way to make a living and reproduce. Such things being possible in life can really cheer me up.


Me and life have a love-hate relationship.

Yes I have things in life and people in life I am lucky to have
I appreciate the little things

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sometimes i’m scared of life, scared of taking risks and scared of failing. while everyone wants to get married i;m actually scared of marriage.

I feel like i am that animal that fights for female bird for example and looses and is with broken wings and other females dont like me becouse i am not beautiful like some peacock and became lonely and put in a corner, watching everybody happy from outside and sad. Harmed.

I love my life and you.

I don’t love life. I have kids and do “happy things” but I don’t feel it. I don’t feel happy no matter what I do. Kids don’t need to know. I’m a master at acting happy. I have anhedonia. No happy feelings. No sad feelings either.

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