Do you live in a beautiful place?

this is near my house.I live in a beautiful historic town going back over 1000 years. I took this yesterday, its nearly Autumn here in England. Autumn is my favourite season.


Wow that is pretty! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I live on a high desert next to a National Forest. Big open skies, surrounded by mountains, one snow capped all year. The wind comes up in the afternoons and blows dust devils and tumbleweeds by. Out on the desert it’s sagebrush as far as the eye can see. All different shades of green and gold. In the summer the the big, white, fluffy clouds boil up in the distance and then roll in as thunderstorms, cooling it down. In the winter we stay below freezing much of the time, We enjoy the beauty of morning displays of crystal ice formations and frequent snow storms. It is a beautiful place but a little rugged. Many who come won’t stay past their first winter. It keeps us small.


that sounds fab.

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Caramba!! Que hermoso!! (Wow! How beautiful!)

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yeah it’s kinda scenic along the river here, if only i owned the land and made the farms orchards and vineyards instead of corn fields. this is the time of year that the corn starts to get yellow and brown, it’s ugly to me, i like it when it’s green. they won’t harvest it for some time, they let it dry up and turn it into corn meal or whatever.

No a dirty city!! But there’s some niceness and beauty!!

Unfortunately not. Copenhagen.

I live in the Land of 10,000 lakes. Trees everywhere and all the water sports you can handle.


I used to. Now I live in a farming community where everything is open. flat, and has no trees. I’m near the Rockies but can never find time to go there.

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