What is your favorite place on the earth with the way the land looks

I like Hawie(spelling) the best.

Probably California or New Jersey. Only places I really been. I like the green though. Southern California is pretty nice.

My country Syria where I lived my first 10 years of life. Its always sunny and its my natal country.
War will never end there. I was there in 2006 for a whole summer and I want to go back there. I hate the snow here in Canada.

What’s better than your natal country? None.


My favorite place on earth is my apartment in Omaha, NE, USA.

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Thank you @Aziz. Omaha is where I was born too.

My native city Cape Town is spectacular in beauty - lots of mountains and the sea. It has some panoramic drives. I live by the sea and near a mountain and can hear the sea from my house. Love it! :blush:

I like London

I just don’t like the crime there.

but apart from that I like it

good transportation there, amazing actually

lots of shops

beautiful parks

community groups could be more of those though

but they do have meet ups and things

There are a lot of places that I have fallen in love with. Wildflecken, Germany, and the rest of Germany were heartbreakingly beautiful, the Colorado Rockies is very beautiful, except that they’re too prone to forest fires, the Ozarks have a lot of beauty, my friends and I used to go backpacking there every Spring and every Fall, the Grand Canyon is awesome. I’d like to see the giant Sequoya trees before I die, and I’m thinking about going sight seeing in Europe before I kick the bucket.


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