Do you listen to the BBC World news on the radio?

I think it’s a service broadcast worldwide. I heard a story while I dreamed and woke up refreshed. I usually fall asleep when I hear British accents, lol, I leave it in every night when I sleep, and it’s played when our own national public radio is not on in the states. Listening is an art, it can take time and make you sane. I am currently listening to Victor Frankl’s MAN’S SEARCH FOR MEANING from the library. I have an app and I can check out books on my Kindle any time of the day.


I sometimes watch BBC world news on the Telly, but not very often. I don’t listen to radio.

Sometimes i have it on. But usually i just get the bulletins on the echo.

Dont watch live tv for the news, cos i refuse to pay for a licence.

I take whatever they say with a pinch of salt tho - they are biased.

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I mainly get my news from the BBC website these days

Used to watch the news channel, but I don’t watch TV these days

Radio I sometimes have BBC radio in the car, but not news. Radio 1 or 2 or 4 - but very rarely

The radio?


I don’t watch the BBC. In fact I can’t stand what the BBC stands for. I get the news from the DailyMail.

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:rofl: I’m the opposite

I don’t listen to any sort of talk radio – only stations with music.

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