Do you listen to audio books

I have not listened to audio books yet, I would like to try.


Yes, I listen to them a lot when I’m on the go, showering or when I got nothing to do. They’re really convenient.

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I used to listen to them a lot. I haven’t listened to one in a while now. I don’t have the concentration to read an actual book so audiobooks are great.

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I have trouble paying attention to audiobooks. I tend to daydream while reading. If I start daydreaming and the speaker keeps reading I miss a lot. But, if I’m reading the book myself, I can go back to where my mind started wandering and not miss anything

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Had an audible subscription for about 6 months, but cancelled it even after they reduced it to 4 quid a month to get me to stay.

Got about 12 books in the library - and listened to 1. I prefer music at night.

I will listen to them at some point. Theres a couple of good ones on Sz there.

I used to for university books but now finished and got my degree.

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