Do you have trouble with audiobooks?

I’m jealous of people who can listen to audiobooks without trouble following the train of thought. I know with practice it can get better. I can listen to Stephen King easily and have some success with some others, but not in a while. I suppose it’s like reading for people with schizophrenia, a matter of concentration and distractions. Isn’t this true, or am I mistaken? Also national public radio here in the states is interesting at times, though it took me five years to finally give in to listening I just kept trying and resisting. I don’t know why I like my junk it’s no good!


I only listen to audiobooks in 30 minute chunks.

German audio books are ok but English is a problem. Depends on the intellectual level. I got to start with a pushbike and work myself up to a racingcar, but I rather read, but my head is full, enough is enough. I am early retired already and it’s difficult to find something I enjoy reading. I started to write stuff I would like to read.

I can use them, but dislike to because it’s an inefficient form of ingesting knowledge. I can read so much faster and consequently learn that much faster.

I love audiobooks, I just can’t stay focused, so I keep missing chunks of paragraphs.

Also, if it’s a book I’ve read already, I get angry because the characters don’t sound like they did in my hrad :joy:

Double speed audio is the only way I can do it, and even then I tend to get distracted.

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Audiobooks for me are a lot easier than reading.

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