Favorite author!

Ive read way less than I used too, since I got ill. I used to read a lot of self help stuff, but not so much anymore. Ive read quite a lot of books but my recent favourite is George Orwell who is mostly known for “1984”, the novel about a future soceity where everybody is getting watched, even in their own homes, and where the eternal war wages. Lol, it seems he was on too something

But this author has also written “Burmese Days” and “Down and Out in Paris and London”, two books that I can relate too completely. One reminds me of my stay in Asia and the other is about being poor.

So who is your favourie author?

id say Plato if i were to choose an author who was a good read

Plato is nice. Have you read Metaphysics? I started reading it but then it got too hard to understand. My mom also doesn’t think it’s good for me to read because I have metaphysical delusions.

I like 1984. Just sold the book actually.

The rest of his books are equally great, theres also “comrade napoleon”

I’m into Philippa Gregory historical novels at the moment - easy reading - I don’t go in for anything too heavy because I can’t concentrate that much.

i believe i only read ‘the republic’ and ‘apology of socrates’ they were really good reads, made alot of sense. much better than reading the torah or quran with those books you get tired after a couple of chapters. what books written by plato have you read?

Joyce Carol Oates.

She’s written tons, and not done yet.

I especially like “Them” and “The Grave Digger’s Wife”

Honestly, I don’t read much. I also don’t have a favorite author. I like Machiavelli though. I learned a lot about life.

I like technical books more. Jim pitman has a good book on probability. Rubin has a great book on real analysis. I’m really enjoying Richard Feynmans books on physics. So visual. I like to be able to visualize atoms and molecules moving around. I want to study statistical mechanics someday. I actually took a class on it but dropped out due to a language barrier. Really was an awesome class. Felt enlightened.

Yeah Machiavelli is also very good but i had trouble memorizing the context when reading his book ‘The Prince’. got through it though. shouldve made notes.

I like Jerry Coyne and its a cliche I always liked John Grisham

It depends on who I read last. F. Scot Fitzgerald is good. I also like John Grisham. My brother thinks he is a lightweight, but I enjoy him. I read an anthology of short stories not too long ago. I’m getting into short stories more lately. They’re more condensed than novels.

I think I will read for 30 minuttes now.

Irving Stone I would say.

I’m not very intellectual… I like pirate books…

but I love comic fantasy… Terry Pratchette… disk world stuff is very funny.
Same with Jasper Fforde… light comic sci-fi.

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