Do you like to fish?

As a child we often would go out in a boat and go fishing. Over all the years of fishing I hardly ever caught a fish. But we learned patience and we always experienced hope that we would catch a fish. So it was fun.
I dream of the day when I could go somewhere where there are a lot of fish and catch plenty of them.
I have an exclamation I say when I am really excited, “Holy mackerel !!!” I think this phrase means when you find a school of mackerel fish you catch a whole lot and it’s quite exciting.
I will have more to say.


I only went fishing a couple of times when I was a kid. I didn’t have a father around to take me. My mom didn’t fish.

Back home was all kinds of lakes for fishing, as a kid i found it fun as I aged lost interest

fishing is more interesting with a sixer haha. but no i don’t fish, my nephew loves to fish though and is always out on the water. i learn about fishing from him and he is only 17 years old haha. dad was never into fishing either. im much more of a farmer than hunter/fisher type.

I’ve been fishing many times, but only once have I ever caught a fish in the wild… I’ve caught several fish at a fishing farm (A small fake pond with tons of fish in it).

The only fish I like to eat is Halibut, I LOVE halibut. Virtually all other seafood is not for me.

I grew up going fishing and fished a lot until age 24 when I left my home state. I haven’t fished in 21 years. I miss it.

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I personally don’t have the patience for fishing.

You all have picked up on this topic and given great replies. I am very pleased.
Do you think fishing is luck? There are some people who are excellent fishers, who win contests all the time.
I was particularly interested in the comment that @Lifer made, that he or she is more of a “farmer type.”
You see, part of the reason I bring up the topic is the analogy to having time with not much to do. A farmer has to wait for months for his or her crop to grow.
My favorite fish is cod.

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Last time I went fishing was 25 years ago. Caught some rock cod and salmon.
Used to fish as a kid with my friends.

I used to fish when I was younger. I have not fished in many years though.

I was totally obsessed by fishing for 15 years, freshwater and saltwater, i even traveled only to fish, but then suddenly i stopped, but i might go for a fishing trip again soon, autumn is the best season and i live in Copenhagen where there are lot of cods and trouts in the harbour and the water is not polluted.

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You know, I love almost everything about fishing. I love the drive, going out in the countryside, I love being out away from people, I love being with my family, I love being in the trees, I love being by water, I love keeping it quiet, I love casting and waiting but I hate actually catching a fish. I know the research indicates that they don’t feel pain but I in my heart wouldn’t want to be treated that way so I don’t like treating them like that. We throw them back for conservation reasons. If I could just stop catching them it would be fine. When I go, I just tend to the picnic and let the rest of the family fish.

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