Do you like Taylor Swift?

I like Taylor Swift a lot. Her music is consistently good, it’s definitely not all the same as some people have put forth, each album has a rather distinctive feel, Folklore certainly doesn’t sound anything like Midnights or Red. It’s true that within any given album the songs do tend to blend together to a greater extent but saying that her music all sounds the same just proves you haven’t heard much of her. Either way out of all the artists I have ever heard she’s the one who puts out the most consistent quality, she doesn’t have that many slam dunks if you ask me, or at least no more than many other artists, but if you like her chances are you’ll like almost all of her songs, which is rather unusual. I am a fan of many other artists and most of the time I don’t listen to Taylor Swift but holy cow her ability to be consistently good is unmatched in my tastes. For example I like Michael Jackson a lot but if I find a song I haven’t listened to yet I’ll be much more skeptical about my chances of liking it than I would for Taylor Swift where the number of her songs I didn’t like is truly tiny.

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She’s just a billionaire who thinks the world revolves around her.

Her music is mostly break up albums obviously she’s had a bunch of breakups lol.


I like her song anti - hero alot but that’s the only one I’ve heard. I don’t really know much about her apart from she goes out with an American football player.

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I’m not sure I heard any of her music, unless it played on the radio without me knowing.

Anyway, I doubt it would be my kind of music, maybe if I was a generation younger. I like Carly Rae Jepsen though.

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I have never listened to any of her songs. She’s probably popular in mainstream media by the look of her.

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I don’t rate her as a singer songwriter.

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I don’t have an opinion on Taylor Swift.

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I like Taylor Swift I think she’s a nice woman

I love the remix of that song by crankdat it’s amazing!

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I like her music but I strongly dislike what she charges for tickets to her shows. I think it’s ridiculous. She’s not god for crying out loud!

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Not a huge fan.

I don’t know that I’ve ever heard any of her music,

But she’s a plague on pop culture.

Just littering it with dumb drama.

She’s 15 years away from being on an episode of “Where Are They Now?”.

She can’t sustain the fame with anything other than her dating life.

No talent to back up all that popularity.

When she gets less cute,

We won’t hear much about her anymore.

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I’m a swiftie myself, I enjoy a lot her songs, my favorite one is “Ready for It”
Even my voices are swifties, I wish I could share some Taylor Swift remixes that I also like.

Unfortunately I have the new user status since my last suspension which was lifted in September, I already done an apologize thread too for that, but yeah, this is not about me, it’s about Taylor “Queenie” Swift. Once I land a job I’ll try to buy a ticket for her show. I’m doing a masters in data science, and I hope to make a career out of it, so fingers crossed.

What do her shows cost?

Last concerts I did were Andrea Bocelli and Hans Zimmer. Both were between 100-150€ (110$-160$)

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When she was last in Michigan, my daughter said tickets ran $600 to $1500 per ticket! Insane!!!

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That’s a lot compared to other artists.

I would never pay that.

I already thought 150€ is crazy expensive :grinning:

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Ok, I just checked - when she gets to Miami this year tickets start at over $1400 and go to over $2000 per ticket!!! @Jonathan2


She must have a crazy fan base with a lot of money or with rich parents.

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All I know is I’ve seen fans literally crying on the news about how they weren’t able to get tickets.

Like they just found out a close relative had a terminal disease or something.

That kind of blubbering and sobbing and carrying on about a concert kind of disgusts me a bit.

I could see if it were like 10 year olds or something but these are young adults.



Until a few days ago I had no idea who she even was. There was a news article here that said Trump would lose votes if he’d critize her. I searched. Found out who she was. Was unimpressed. I don’t like her looks or music. Maybe the American taste is different than the European.

Also, 1400-2200 for a concert?! That’s more than a monthly salary for most I know. Weird. And crying about a ticket… :expressionless:


Then again, I never really understood the whole crying over superstars thing.

I remember sitting inbetween my 2 friends after a Boyzone concert (I was 12, I can’t help it). Even then, I remember feeling alien in all the hysteria. They fought all the way back over who could have the toy with balloon they brought to the concert, and back. They: HE TOUCHED IT, HE TOUCHED IT, I NEED THAT BALLOON. Me: Yeah, so? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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