Do you like Taylor Swift?

Will give it a listen, thanks.

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I didn’t like the remix & preferred the original. Come on chiefs! Yeah I like Taylor Swift.

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She’s so vain her music is ok

Taylor Swift doesn’t care what people think about her she just shakes it off

From what I’ve heard most of her songs are about break ups and how her ex is the problem.

She doesn’t seem to take any blame

It seems a bit unrealistic and unfair.

Having said that, I haven’t heard tonnes of her songs though so maybe I’m wrong.

She has amazing legs I wouldn’t be upset to have her legs.

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But nevertheless, this song is epic

Because it’s so catchy, I like her look here and because it’s so raw, :slight_smile:

OK this is my favourite Swiftie song

She’s a good musician.

She sings very honestly

On a variety of themes in fact, from having scanned a playlist.

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I had never heard many of her songs. I just tried again to appreciate her with YouTube access and she’s better than I initially supposed.

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I’ve never heard a Taylor Swift song and don’t plan to listen to one, but my 24-year-old niece loves her music and even went to one of her concerts in Florida. She paid like $500 for the ticket and, in my opinion, there’s a lot better things she could’ve done with that much money at that age.

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