Do you keep a journal?

I decided to be professional next year.

I will keep a calendar of things to do, which time to work and reply emails, when to take a break like having a real job. It is the only way to push my limits of productivity in a healthy way.

The problem is how to do it?

I use iPhone iCalendar for most appointments, or things to do. And I use a little journal on my desk to write down daily tasks.

I guess it is best I have it synced on my computer and iPhone and write everything on my computer or iPhone :thinking:


It’s funny that you posted this.
I was looking for journals online on Amazon, but I’ve decided to use my iPhone as a journal.

There is a Notes section on my phone that I will be using to journal things down.

I already use my calendar and notes for other things.


I really love Evernote because you can group your notes into “Notebooks”, tag your stuff, and do searches for old things. You can set reminders that sync with your calendar and do tons of other things with it, and share/email specific notebooks or notes (it’s all private by default).


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I been keeping one for a long time, got in a slump lately and ignored it, but am back at it today. It’s great to write down what I do and think and feel each day and then review it sometime later.

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I’ve been keeping a journal since the year 2004. I have scads of them. I’ve thrown many away. But, I’ve also kept many of them. They are my letters to ____. They record our intimate conversations. I have them all written out in detail. When I die, I am willing them to my niece, who is studying to be a _____.

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I do keep a journal. I write in it off an on. I did use my computer for a while for journaling, but that can cause problems. I went back and looked at some of what I wrote recently and wasn’t sure I wrote it. At least with a journal in my own handwriting, I know I wrote it.

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