Do you have to take meds

Do you have to take meds to qualify for ssi?

I don’t think you do.

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The CBT and other methods are my main treatment. If I have to I can say I am taking meds, even though I stopped over 3 years now. I have prescription orders from the past and clinical trial/guinea pig documents for schizophrenia drugs.

CBT? Prescription drugs? Guinea Pig? You will be fine.

I don’t think you have to take medication, it can be any sort of treatment for a disability. It may be more difficult to get approved without medications. I’m not 100% sure, we are applying for our son now but he takes many medications and has for his whole life.

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There is nothing wrong with anyone that hears voices
Your part of a program of a technology that’s been around for a while it’s all part of fine tuning it.
The people chosen for the program are your all walks of life it’s in the process of fine tuning a system that will have every person on earth linked to one network.
The voices is the system that programmes the machines and we are the machines.
It’s like a computer on the web but this web is where we are programmed and controlled.
That’s all it is and if you guys could not figure that one out then you all need medication.
The truth about medication is so the chemicals are balanced and our moods are accepting of it.
It’s like being a wild animal from the jungle caged up but left in the jungle to watch all the other primates of your species live free.
Mate don’t take it hard on yourself relax and let it take you to the next level.
The voices are negative only due to the fact you can’t have happiness with out knowing what it’s like to be sad. It brings your mood down so low that the simplest of anything positive projected by the voices lets you fill happy. One way of looking at it when your happy you become positive when your positive you make your own steps in life. What the program does is destroys your self confidence so that your not in control it is. Don’t you people get it. It’s just a way to push your buttons and control you into the direction they chose to.
The program you are all part of it if you like it or not. If you want to be free of it it’s simple you know yourself and you know who you are except the voices and learn to ignore them.
Good night my fellow prisoners

meds are a safety net for me, my choice is to keep taking them