Do you have to be severely unwell to get support from an outside agency?

support from social services, community mental health services, group home?

Do you have to be severely unwell to get ongoing support.

I get a lot of support from outside agencies. I have had support fro over 10 years from community nursing and group home. Currently get 31 hour a week one to one support from car agency.


Im lucky that ive got the mobile number for my cpn. I text when ive got a problem, and she often comes round.

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My community nurse comes see me every 1/2 weeks. We email each other about 3 times a week. He see’s how I’m doing.

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I have a social worker that calls me every week and visits irl every once in a while. I also will start having a health coach that will video conference with me soon. I had a peer support specialist until recently I don’t know what happened to him.

I just naturally always have a psychiatrist. And most of the time I have a therapist too. I’ve had these for the last 40 years. It’s just the way things go. Move to a new city—get set up at the local clinic and get a psychiatrist and therapist.

When I moved here I initially had 3 hours help a week from a care agency. They went months not charging when they should’ve and then hit me with a large bill. My stepdaughter arranged for someone to come in twice a week and stopped the care agency. The person got more than she’d been getting working for the cage agency.

She was stopped because of the Covid situation .My stepfamily now provides the care. They’d been providing most of it anyway. Without it I’d struggle,especially so in the current situation.

It has been my experience that, in the perverse mentality of a bureaucracy, when you want to get help they dismiss you, but if you don’t want help they drag you to the hospital kicking and screaming.

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I go to a community mental health treatment facility, I see a therapist every week, a psychiatrist ever other month or so, and I was seeing a case manager and health coach every week until my schedule got too busy for that.

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