Do you have sleep anxiety?

Like worried whether or not you will be able to fall asleep is insomnia frightening to you?

Used to be frightening, but it’s really only your response to insomnia that makes it so bad.

At times I’m up as late as 10-12 A.M. but I keep cool and sure enough I fall asleep eventually.

Seems like I sleep worse if I sleep too early though and feel groggy/sluggish the next day. Whereas staying up later you get a much deeper sleep cycle and feel more refreshed (even though you might still be tired).

Of course, I can only afford this luxury since I don’t have a job o.o;

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Yes, in a way, I am worried that I wont get to sleep.

I take frequent naps during the day, so I do a lot of my sleeping during the day.

Lately I have been real paranoid at night, fearing that intruders will break into the House.

I sleep with the TV on during the night.

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Insomnia doesn’t scare me, but I sure wish I could fall asleep more quickly. I’m doing pretty good if I fall asleep two hours after I go to bed. Sometimes it doesn’t bother me because it gives me time to think, but other times I hate it. I’m always tired the next day.

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Sometimes, but only if i have plans to be somewhere do something early the next morning otherwise I don’t really care if I fall asleep at midnight, or 2 in the morning. Personally I like sleeping in the mornings anyway because it’s quieter…my parents and most of the people are either off to work or school and it’s rather nice and quiet around here in the mornings…with nothing really on TV or to occupy my mind I have no problem sleeping at odd times. Like I said, it’s just time when I have things to do and it’s turning 1:30, and I’m still tossing and turning in bed no closer to sleep.

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some nights, it can be frightening. I visited the er after one night of insomnia where I could not catch my breath. One of the most frightening feelings I’ve had not knowing if the insomnia and loss of breath would continue. Was dz sleep apnea. Doc ordered a cpap machine but it does not work for me as I cannot fall asleep with it on. But, I kept the machine as a rescue inhalant for nights when I can’t sleep and catch my breath. The cpap is worth its weight in gold.

Most of us go through sleep anxiety struggles for me it felt like torture like I would never sleep again. I may not get the best nights sleep like whoever gets their 8 hour beauty rest. But I have like later in the morning been able to make up for lost sleep. Like earlier I woke up at 4:30am thinking how I was going to face the day but around ten I just layed there and slept til 12. Tomorrow I got to go to the clinic early I hate waiting around. I hate things that cut into your sleep. But I guess that’s life.

Weed. That is all. I can’t sleep before 24 hours atleast without it lol

Same here. It can often take me several hours to get off to sleep at night. I get the intruder thing too. Which is silly as I live on the 11th floor of a high rise. Sometimes I even worry that there is someone in my living room while I’m in bed. It’s as though I sense a presence.

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sometimes i dont want to go to sleep when i am worried or knocked out by my ap…

Yes, I sense a presence as well - its a very strange sensation

rarely ever.
sometimes I get really frightened that i can’t sleep.
than eventually i just fall asleep
but when i do after a long stint of awake i keep waking up and falling asleep, almost sort of like when they give you the laughing gas before operations.
which is pretty frightening on its own.

Do you take seroquel?

My meds seem to make sure I fall asleep, so long as I don’t overdo the coffee during the day.

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Coffee can be a bummer, sometimes I get careless and drink too much toss and turn all night I might catch a zzzz at 4 am but then the next day is all weird

nope, i take zyprexa 10 mg :slight_smile:

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