Should i go to sleep early?

Writing on this forum again. Wondering if i should go to sleep early around 6pm. Feel an anxiety attack coming on. Sometimes writing on this forum makes me nervous. I wrote a lot about my panic attacks on this forum. I think i will try to sleep early. Already took my meds at 5pm. Got mad at my sister today this did not help with the anxiety.

you should keep to a routine.
get up at a certain time say 7.30 am…and go to bed at a certain time say 9.30 pm.
changing sleep patterns does not help your body clock. :clock1:
having a shower before bed :shower: is relaxing as is listening to calming music.
take care :alien:


I always end up waking up super early when I do that.

it feels like midnight but its only 10:30 here. Once midnight does roll around I’ll be heading to bed.

Sometimes it was worth it though, going to bed that early.

Be careful though, sleep schedule can be a delicate thing.

Keeping a routine does help with the anxiety…

Keep an eye out maybe to see if your getting hit with an anxiety wave around the same time each day.

That helped me out a bit… I was finding out that I was getting hit with anxiety when my meds were fading… or when I was getting a bit hungry… but then of course… I was too amped up to eat…

Hello see121 ,

I Used To Have Sorta Issues With Sleeping During Tha Nite ,

So I Would Sleep As Tha Vivid Flaming Sun Would Ryze ,

Felt Safer ,

But Fast Forward Some Years and Other Bullshazzle and I Have Found A Different Way , A More Simplistic Way To Sleep ,

Ok So Allow Yourself To Be Awake For As Long As It Takes ,

To Get Past - Throo Anxiety ,

I Suppose Tha Shortness Of Thus Advice Is . , To ,

Lay Down and Jus Lay There ,

Eyes Opened OR Closed ,

and Lay There and Let Your Brayne Run Wild , OR ,

Or Let Your Thots Rest ,

and As You Do Either OR ,

You Will , I Can Promise ,

Fall Asleep ,

and So What , You Are Wore Out and Tired ,

Take A Nap (!!!) ,

If You Have Plans During Tha Next Day ,

Get That Alarm and Be Tired For OR During That Day ,

and BOOM (!!!) ,

You Will Slip Into A Groove Of A More “normal” Sleeping Pattern ,

Hmm (???)

Taking my anti-psychotics and going to sleep early helps when I feel something coming up. I’ve been doing that for a while now. Had dinner around 3pm-4pm and went to bed around 5pm-6pm. Just woke up around 6am. I think it’s also a sign of depression and drinking too much coffee and soda, which is interfering with my recovery. I don’t know. I’m also on the patch because I’m trying to quit smoking. I still haven’t figured out what to do now that I don’t smoke. So far I just sit outside.

Going to bed early lowers your self esteem. Sometimes we have no choice in the matter because of the drugs.

I take pills 6 pm go bed 7 pm
Alarm set for 5.30 am

Have you tried mindfulness
20 mins a day do it when got time in morning