Do you have power?

I don’t mean “magic powers”. I mean like status, money, authority, etc.

No, no. Just us lowly peasants here…all we have is dirt and potatoes.

You…need some potatoes sir?


I like to think I have the power to be a positive force in the world around me. :wink:

No to the rest of that stuff, however. We are getting a really big bank loan, so the closest I can come to wealth is good credit. That’s not exactly a blessing!



I don’t seek power or money or stuff like that. I strive to lead a simple life. I admire people who are humble and content.

I have enough money to pay my half of rent and put a little in savings here and there. I have a job I like and I do feel very lucky with that. Not many people can say they like their job.

I don’t seek authority. I just want to be able to enjoy my life and get better. I have people who are on my side and a family who has my back. I’m lucky there as well.


no, no and no…but as a sith lord yes, yes and yes.
take care


Im a powerlifter so literally yes? Lol I do have some status as an honors student on the deans list and in honors programs and I have a full scholarship and crap. So sort of. Honors students are expected to perform twice as well as regular students at my university, honors classes have twice the workload usually.

Status = no, authority = no, Money…what’s money? (a.k.a. no) only in the world of the sims do I have any of it…and I haven’t played that in a long time…waiting impatiently for the Sims 4 in September.

Able to support myself financially and not put up with the family BS is wealthy…keep the friends, FWB, schedule and jobs I want. I always had to get by on a modest amount of money…I could afford some of the luxuries/amusements I desired but had blend in with the crowd on rest of it and skimp on money so I could cover emergencies. Poise, grace, quiet smile and blending in with the crowd will handle most situations unless the event has the part-time psychotics/gang stalkers.

No status, money, or authority, though I’m working on it. I do not want to be broke my entire life. That would just suck. I do not have to be rich or anything, just a decent middle class income would be fine for me.

I am a citizen of a government that is based on a democracy. In a democracy, the power is with the voters and I vote (most of the time). So do I have power? I believe this power is fake and meaningless. Led to believe that my vote makes a difference, yet it is obtained by/counted by/and read by those that have their own agenda. How do I know my vote isn’t getting tossed away and replaced by a vote for someone who bought the position etc. So the real power is in the position that extends power to others.

So I am one man, I’m sure there exists a series of perfect moves that will ultimately net me power over the entire world. It is unfortunate I don’t know those moves.

I dont wish to obtain authority - I do have power, we all do to some extent. I am spiritual and live by a pretty solid moral set of rules for myself - I wish to be a positive force. As far as wealth goes, I do not accept handouts by people. I have worked into the system for decades, I earned everything myself - I am not a charity case

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I’m powerless over pizza. I had it the other night and it was so yummy that I kept on eating it and I’m trying to diet.

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I was a millionaire with my first husband who has his own shop. After 25 years I bailed out. New husband has Not-a-lot but a super good heart and we are very compatible
I prefer simple.