My socio Economical Situation is inconsequential to my personal problems

Pretty well off. By association even tho I don’t have that much personal power. Relatively powerful. I just gotta learn how to work around it

On. A side note. I feel like a lot of modern music is condescending as hell

no one has personal power

You don’t have to worry about money?

Guess that book by Tony Robins is a one big scam

lesss its food or somtheing similar… its a scam (fuck this keyboard)

Ah contraire Missuoer. Someone does…

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I don’t spend that much.

hahahahhahahahah maign that rich dude

Is that addam kokesh on the sarcocine ad on top of the website?

gri gri golichick for all it matters

Yeah, my step-dad, who taught at a University for 18 years said the same thing you did. He said the only power that most people have over you is just the power to annoy you.

I want to see the wealth redistributed more evenly

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yeah for sure. your father was a wise man

ahhh man so much would have to change.

fight for free education/ healthcare first


You can start by giving me some money :smiley:

Globalization will inevitably take care of that.