Do you have one connected delusion or multiple different delusions?

All of my delusions and voices are connected. They all fit into the same story/narrative, which has been playing out over the past two years. I don’t ever hear voices talking about things that are not part of this story, nor do I have delusions about random and new topics.

Are all your delusions/voices connected to a single theme/story? Or do you have multiple and different delusions and/or voices that talk about random things?

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Yep. I am well medicated now but they used to fit into me being on the internet and tv like that movie The Truman Show. Everything fit into me concluding that was what was happening. Voices and delusions all made me think that.

I had many delusions, but they all seemed to fit together in a storyline. Many of them were plots against me, and I was very paranoid.

My delusions are connected especially with false memories.

I have different kinds of delusions. I would say my biggest delusion is where I believe to be superior - spirtually than others. I posses supernatural powers, psychic abilities and medium abilities. I guess this would be a grandiose delusion. I also have smaller delusions that crop up from time - people drugging my food, people following me, etc…

All the voices followed the delusion that people were against me and hated me. The only thing

that didn’t follow the delusions was i saw there little monsters called gremlins that went inside people and made them evil.

i guess both.
i try to concatenate them all together into a narrative,
sometimes the different parts do come together.
sometimes they don’t.
i find it more amazing when that happens.

my long term delusions are in several categories,
in fact i have to think and see if anything i think is part of consensual reality,
not really. I don’t like any ideas humans have to offer in consensual reality.

i create a non-ordinary universe model, alternate physics theories of the universe around me.,
I don’t believe in gravity, rather it’s ytivarg, a push not a pull,
and yeah if all you wanna do is launch a rocket off a moon, you’re good wonder mouse,
but if you wann understand the creature called the universe that we are all part of,
you are looking in the wrong test tube buddy.

you wanna feel the universe breathing through you, gotta cast aside that newton mysticism,
let go of your imaginary gravitons, float up in to unreality with the rest of the spirits…

so that all gets connected, my theories of the universe

but once i read the book, the holographic universe,
loved it, very psychotic, wanted to integrate the psychoses BUT…

they didn’t fit, they don’t go, it’s two separate stories if we’re gonna do it that way,
like it’s a wave but it’s a particle.

so that’s what’s really great, cause when a psychosis won’t squeeze down into the
set with the others,

maybe instead of extending the old power song, we get to start writing a new power song.

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I read the holographic universe too…or at least I tried to . I got halfway through and guffawed so much that it annoyed me and I had to stop reading. If it was only scientific I would have loved it but by half way through it was all mystical and I just got tired of unproven Bollox. The basic ideas was a good one and would like to see it written in a more scientific manner. That would b a good read. Xxx

exactly, it was weirdly mystical but the part that stood out is i couldn’t integrate it into any other mystical understanding i’d ever heard of.

that was about 15 years ago, i’d read it again if i saw it around…

you know what used to work that way for me too?
rock and roll shamans.
i’d think i had life all figured out
(20’s, 30’s),
and then I’d see a van halen concert in 1982,
or an aerosmith concert a few years later,
or a dave mustaine megadeth show,

and i’d be confused, good and confused, like the weird mysticism of the holographic universe that wouldn’t fit into previous thinking.

i appreciate that when i see it, the confusing stuff

Most of my delusions center around me being persecuted and being Jesus Christ. I have my own version of the Bible and it describes my life.

I like to see my mental health history as three long psychotic episodes, none of which in quite some time though. anyhow during those times, they were like you said “connected” but still not real. Yet the three times were different from eachother. desimb

I have a feeling that my brain has tried to weave all my delusions into some form of logical story. Some are so random and out there and against my very nature that I have no idea how they connect in. But my two deepest and longest held ones do sort of connect to each other in a way. Maybe they are more cause and effect to each other.

My delusions/voices all fit a very coherent story. I’m always amazed at how coherent the story is.

I have both. Normally I have thoughts about every facets of my life and I’ve had a few different independent delusions. But with the medicine they seem to be more broken up.

i wish mine were delusions. some of them were untrue but all feed into the same basic storyline. i invented time travel through the oobe experience and it was stolen from me by the people that raped me when i was a teenager. they now want to keep it for themselves and will go as far as murdering children to keep it. there were other bits along the way, all connected to the basic story which i now no longer believe in but the basic story is a true one.

     It was just like the truman show in the begining. Now I have found out god is a man just like the rest of us, and have settled down about my discovery of the whole clairvoyant world.

appears my thinking and belief structure are all connected but voices (which are rip atm) were only connected for only a few years before they dismantled. the delusions are pretty connected but not everyone of them

The vast majority of my inserted thoughts and referenced delusions have to do with my elaborate delusion that I am the sole subject in a human brain study. It all fits together pretty neatly.

There are things going on in my life that I wish were delusions. They all follow the same theme, though.

I have experienced a whole array of delusions. Some being all interlinked together. There’s been a mixture of mathematical links, signs and body language, people speaking in code and connections to different realms etc. Its like I was living in a new world or something. Even though I’m medicated and the psychosis has gone away. I can still see the signs of my past. Hard to get back from.