Do you have good social skills?

I ask because this is a pattern I have noticed when it comes to diagnosis. Psychotic symptoms+Good social skills=mood disorder w psychotic features diagnosis, psychotic symptoms+bad social skills=Schizophrenia diagnosis

Is anyone on here diagnosed with schizophrenia but still have really good social skills?

Every once in a while I’ll say something funny, but for the most part, no. I’m diagnosed with

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Do I have good social skills?
I doubt it, otherwise I wouldn’t sit here empty. Husbands at work today, it’s very hard for me to get out by myself.


I don’t know. Do you think I have good social skills? I’ll tell you my diagnosis if you answer.

I have good social skills mostly I think, I’m SzA

I have good social skills…maybe why I was diagnosed sza and not sz?

It’s not easy to tell online. You seem to have typical social skills but plenty of people can socialize easily online but not in person.

Sza is schizophrenia. It’s just schizophrenia with pronounced mood symptoms.

Still doesn’t change my answer.

Yeah that’s almost me to a T but I can talk people through personal problems and get them to think for themselves in the situation they’re in.

My diagnoses SzA

Yeah I don’t think having good social skills would have anything to do with a sz vs sza diagnosis though, considering sza is typically considered to have a worse prognosis and be more severe than sz, since it’s all the severity of typical schizophrenia plus a mood disorder added on.

I guess it could also depend on how you presented initially. Like if you were extremely out of it when you first got help or if you went and sought it voluntarily.

ya I was one of the most delusional persons my doctor said he ever saw when he first saw me…now I’m very lucid and good socially. I have a good prognosis due to meds…I do well on them.

I’m like a robot, has it good social skills?

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I am very curious if you went to see a different professional now without mentioning your past diagnosis if you would be changed to bipolar w psychotic features.

That has happened to several individuals on here, their diagnosis changes once they are stabilized.

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Maybe so…15151515

I still get triggered by the gang stalking delusions. It’s so bad that I can’t talk to certain people. I don’t know if my doctors know that but I’ve been through three doctors in three years.

I’m sorry about that, sounds tough. Your doctors won’t know unless you tell them, and I find it’s best to be totally open and honest about symptoms or it can lead to misdiagnosis or not getting the treatment you really need.

It’s only been recently that I’ve noticed.

"Do you have good social skills?"
I have perfect social skills, talking with myself


I’ve first been diagnosed with mdd with psychotic features. The diagnosis of schizophrenia came afterward. I think my social skills are bad. I’ve had my share of friends which to me seems like a lot. However I’ve had friends that talk about knowing thousands of people. Also every woman I’ve asked out say they have a boyfriend. I’ve been asked out 2 times but that was before I was looking so I said no. Oh well.

@sirBoring hey big sexy what have you been up to? I thought that would be a funny way to address you.

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