Do I have some mild autism or am I just antisocial?

I suffer from schizophrenia for 5 years already,been to 2 different kind of support group,currently on one,it’s a decent experience and let me know a few people,but I feel I just can’t get closer to people,I wish I am happy and enjoy a lot social event but the truth is I am just too quiet and not humorous I wish I really can talk more

Its probably the negative symptoms, and maybe depression, Im the same way. I dont want to get close to anyone really. Im trying to be more social but its me going through the motion, not feeling much


Thx wave for reply,I pray that you feel better

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Same here. It can be painful.

like @Wave said, it’s just negative symptoms. Autism/Asperger’s and negative symptoms of schizophrenia all look pretty similar but have very different neurological roots. In fact, psychosis and autism are rather opposite, there’s a chart in one of my books showing how they are opposite, it was rather confusing and it’s been a while since I read it, but I think I remember it. Psychosis is about perceiving reality incorrectly, Autism is about perceiving reality too literally, if I remember correctly. I could have the two mixed up…

I feel like the odd one out always, it’s very hard for me to connect to people. I want friends, I want a relationship but it just feels impossible.

I am the same way too. They call it social withdrawal. It is a negative symptom of sz. They are cumming out with new medication right know to help with that. I am going to be happy when they do

Finished reading psychopathy also causes communication problems. Huh? :question:

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I’m the same way, socially I’m a wreck, one reason I like this forum. If it weren’t for some obvious sz symptoms I’d think I had autism. Hope your support groups work out for you.

There are days I doubt my pdoc’s diagnoses of me. :blush:

Could be autism.

I test high for autism and adhd. Am also a loner struggling with not being a part of the social scene. Maybe we just can’t let loose like some outgoing people are. My thoughts are usually blank or disorganized too. I enjoy tripping out to my radio on a walk though.

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Even SZAdmin said most Schizophrenics will not even go near a computer. :computer:

I like my :computer:

A difficulty with socialising is not the same as being antisocial which relates to antisocial personality disorder. I think a lot of people with autism or schizophrenia related disorders have some difficulty when it comes to social interaction.


i am socially a mess also…it simply is not there

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Sucks to be this way but I was like that before I went SZ. People probably dont even notice the difference

My son has autism. He is very social but he doesn’t understand that some things are inappropriate to say or do. He loves people and will talk your ear off. But he will call you fat or old or talk about sex or private part related stuff or run up to me and hug my boob. I might have aspergers. I like to talk to people but really don’t know what to say unless it is something funny. I don’t understand why people say or do things.

Where I am they have classes that will teach you social skills I would like to take for people with mental health issues.

I’m like that too. It’s just hard for me to talk to people and socialize.
I’m not sure if it’s due to schizophnea negative symptoms or my personality.
I hope it’s not due to my personality.

It shouldn’t be personality,if you feel uncomfortable than it’s a disorder,if it’s comfortable with you for not socializing or talking than it’s probably your personality