Has anyone noticed a change in their eyes?


Has anyone noticed changes in their eyes since having taken medication ?
I noticed mine can look a little cross now. They weren’t like this before.

Not sure if it’s from looking down a lot from depression or psychotropics causing some kind of brain damage that effected my optical health. This really really sucks.


I have a empty look from the meds


I look stoned out of my skull!
It’s a vacant, empty look in my eyes.
No spark or fire.


Since you asked i.looked at some old photis and before sz my eyes look different. After sz my eyes are empty like a ghost eyes. Before it seemed they were filled with something cute and sweet.


Its like i have drifted away into deep space of dark world.



I have a slight bit of a lazy eye that I swear wasn’t there before meds.

The nurse practitioner says it’s unrelated, but I don’t know. It wasn’t there before.


Same. I have to force the cute, endearing eye look you described and it takes multiple photos to get it…

You’re beautiful. Thank you for sharing pictures!


I think We’ve been through so much mentally and it shows in our expression. I think the apathetic mood symptom or expression is because we’ve heard so much and seen so much, etc. it hurts…