Do you have any phobias

I feel like all males want to harm me.

I’d have to say that’s paranoia, as all males don’t…but i know you have your reasons too.

One thing I cannot stand is sometimes a guy will talk to me and has to pat me on the shoulder or back, and say "buddy’ when I don’t even know the guy, and that makes me cringe. If I knew him and he was a friend then I’d be ok with that.
I don’t think you should invade someones personal space like that unless you know them…you never know what the person has been through and some people getting touched is a trigger… I don’t flip out over it if it happens, but am uncomfortable with it…

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I agree. I even have a hard time being touched by those that I am close too. But strangers shouldn’t touch people. A handshake or similar gesture is ok because one is offering and the other can return the offer and comply or refuse and not have to touch them. But there is no asking permission with the hand on the shoulder or the stranger hug or any of these other things some people do.

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I’m deathly afraid of the top of ladders at work. They’re safe ladders, I avoid unstable ladders. I get phobic about carrying heavy objects- afraid of tactiles in my legs. I’m nervous about elevators and I’m phobic intermittently about escalators.

I have some sort of threshold when it comes to heights and ladders…Any of this I am fine…

This I am not, if I had to go to top. i would freeze up. this happened a few times on jobs…I think anything past a second floor window height and I start getting the fear of height thing and just cling to the ladder so cannot actually work

But I was totally fine here, and that is very steep…people have died in falls up there…I just don’t go too close to the edge of the ledges…I think that’s the trick

I’m afraid of public transportation.
And bugs.

I’m afraid of phobias.

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Sasha, I’m a male and I don’t want to harm you. I have had schizophrenic friends and non-schizophrenic friends. None of them wanted to harm any women. Of course you are going to run into ■■■■■■■ bullies occasionally. In that case you MIGHT have a legitimate fear. Most men don’t want to hurt women. To be blunt, they just want to have sex with them. I know your situation, you’re cute, men are just probably checking you out. BUT, you have to take normal precautions just like anybody and avoid bad neighborhoods and being alone at night in certain places. Of course there are people who are dangerous to both men AND women. Just be careful around them and they’ll leave you alone.

I realize that it is a product of fear and the result of my past trauma. But knowing that doesn’t make the panic attacks, terror I feel, nightmares, and flashbacks I face go away.

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That’s often the big problem. Not with every man, but many guys only want to have sex with a girl, not a relationship or marriage. I know their thoughts. Some have confessed their evil sins to me…how they want a certain girl only to have sex with, and nothing else…just to add someone to their trophy board and boast about it to their friends and say “i had her before” and talk about 3 certain body parts to the exclusion of the rest of her, as if the girl was made only of a vagina, butt and breasts.
Nothing about her mind, her heart, her soul, or her pretty eyes or hair or whatever…just talk about sex organs.
I have heard this talk from a number of guys, and I find it to be depraved thinking, and should be of great concern to any girl, unless she herself is only looking for a sex partner to the exclusion of all else.
I absolutely hated being stuck in work environments where guys talked like that and actually did it too. I am thankful to be away from those environments…


i don’t even know what you are talking about…lol
dark sith can be seen getting into his space cargo carrier…" droid !"
" yes, master "
" get ready for take off "
" yes , master "
dark sith sits down in the pilots seat, brooding over his nemisis…luke skywalker…dark sith thinks to himself…it is time for you to die luke…!!
take care


lightning…and myself

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I’ve got a lot of phobias.

Burning alive, decapitation, dismemberment, serial killers, chemical weapons, biological weapons, inoperable and painful elongated diseases, getting my leg ripped off in a car accident and bleeding to death as i shake from the agony, crack, heroin, meth, rapists, the vatican, billionaires, millionaires, war and the ravages of war, genocides, holocausts, torture, being fed to hungry animals for fun, having an eyeball removed by someone or something, severe beatings of different kinds, enslavement that you cannot escape from, demons, electrocution, falling from a great height and dying or just laying there for a bit with every bone in your body broken, scientific testing, being made of rancid rotting flesh and fragile bone, drowning, shark attacks, rings of murderers who kill for fun, witches who will screw with your life.

There are so many things i can’t think of all of them, so much to be concerned about on this earth.

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I am terrified to put my hands in the pockets of clothing out of the dryer. I don’t know what it is, I can put my hands in pockets in thrift stores(if I can ever get away from the house), but fresh from the dryer is a NO GO.
Also putting my hands into unknown holes or nooks/crannies, that freaks my sh*t…

I hate heights…wanted to work on the climbing wall but have been too fat.

I still don’t like closed in places…

I had severe anxiety driving for several years in my 20s, even turned down a promotion because it required driving for work. I would double check everything…it worked its way into OCD. I read it would stop if I refused to double check anything and just trust myself. Worked fine with journaling for 3 weeks to get through the anxiety…First three days was terrible. I then tackled driving a lot - drove hours alone to Texas coast to meet a friend…Drove through Houston, in driving rain, on Friday at 5pm in construction and area was not on the map – made it in one piece…Now I have no problems with it. It was worth the effort to ditch the OCD way of handling anxiety…I would never had made it through the nervous breakdown, PTSD, psychosis, stalking from ex-friends and social issues with OCD problems…You must learn ‘WHAT-EVER’ to be okay schizo & function!

The rest of the social crap is just so bad, it’s horrifying…No other response is fine expect it was a relief to be bullied as a kid. It helps me handle so many screwed up strangers/adults now. Actually, I wasn’t treated okay anywhere, even at home/relatives, as a kid because I was fat & parents didn’t give fat kid clothing for self esteem. Cheerleader sister had it all but anyway… Since I’ve never met parent approval in any way, it is so much harder now with the defamation of mental illness/employment problems. Things like this almost never get better with old school parents…stating anything emotional and critical will only get you an outburst anyway & weeks of sulking. But I’ve never known anything else but hateful or screwed up peoples, except work but respect there is gone…I’ve gonna move to a country place and be the crazy cat lady who took in an illegal whino guy. The homeless illegals appreciate being able to work & housed/fed.

Creepy crawlers
Crowds of people
Meeting new people
i also hate being watched when doing something

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Siafu ants of africa eating infants alive.

Being mauled to death.





Freezing weather, burning weather.

Thirsting to death, starvation.

Water torture.

Elongated solitary deprivation.

People being kidnapped and held against their will while raped for twenty straight years.

Over population.

Greed and it’s effects.

Painful heart conditions, liver failure, kidney failure, lung cancer, brain tumors, blood disorders.

Having my finger nails ripped off with pliers.

Having acid thrown in my face and feeling it burn.

Deep space.

Atomic weapons, hydrogen bombs.

The misuse of science.

Mind control.

Mk ultra type of experiments.

Hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes, asteroids, tsunamis.

Shitting my pants.

Becoming so elderly that i cannot move.



Aids and other stds.

Human made diseases that are so bad they will make you vomit just thinking about them.

Sociopathic/evil children.

I do have a phobia I guess. Certain words…I will not speak certain words. Especially words i think will give power to reality and maybe come to pass if I speak the.words or sayings. I won’t speak them or write them…
I’ve had a couple occasions where I eventually spoke certain things i had refused to speak about and then they happened shortly afterwards… :frowning:
So please don’t ask for the words or sayings, cuz I’m not tellin’ ! LOL

Even dreams. I had 2 different recurring dreams I’d had for years and told no one…In 2012 or early 2013 i told one person both dreams. Both things happened within the year…so I think I have a good reason to have a healthy “phobia” of not speaking certain things, or words…

EEK… speak no evil…you may hear it and see it, but don’t speak it!

Proverbs 18:21 - Death and life [are] in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.

Matthew 15:18 - But those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart; and they defile the man.

Proverbs 12:18 - There is that speaketh like the piercings of a sword: but the tongue of the wise [is] health.

Proverbs 21:23 - Whoso keepeth his mouth and his tongue keepeth his soul from troubles.

The dark, I’ve always been frightened of it and still sleep with a night light.

Rats, which stems from thinking microscopic rats were eating my spine.

Slugs or worms, can’t stand them and they can make me cry.

Microscopic bugs so bacteria, the advert of ‘monsters inside me’ makes me want to hide.