Do you have anger?

oh,someone told me its not typical for sz. but i have it…and you?is it a positive symptom?

I deal with almost constant rage that can be set off by anything, yes. No it’s not a typical symptom of a psychotic disorder.

My anger is caused by a) my high levels of fear causing my fight response to permanently be on, b) helplessness, obliviousness of those around me and perceived failure of my loved ones to help me and c) emotional pain sort of turning me into a beast that’s been poked with one too many sticks.

Anger can be caused by so many reasons. Coincidentally it can also be connected with depression.


thanks anna. yeah,i have that the with my relatives-the frustration that they cant help me…

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You have it or it has you. Who doesn’t get angry once and a while? Just don’t let your anger control you. It’s how people deal with it that is most important.


When I don’t take my med’s I have intense anger. It can come out in ways that aren’t good. I have anger when I’m on my med’s too, but I can control it. There are things going on in my life right now that make me very angry. In a way, it is a continuation of the nightmare I had growing up. As far as I’m concerned I’m a hundred per cent in the right. The law is on my side in every aspect of my situation. That’s one of the things that makes me so mad. They’ve just kind of said, “You don’t get the protection of the law”.

maybe its my stopping of clozapine also. it was abrupt… yeap,i know the anger very much also

I have occasional irritability from time to time.

Sometimes I dont have the patience to deal with certain people like my sister in law or other Aunt.

At times I get fed up with society so it seems.

I have had rage when experiencing a Mixed State.

No no. No dude …there is a difference between rage and ‘irritability’ and you can sometimes see it outright when some people have a tense facial muscle thing going on ,and someone that is constantly pissed of about things inside their head, for the outside world its nothing ,for the outside world it means nothing but for the individual sometimes it structures their perception of the world.

I feel more of a controlled type of anger while medicated. I might seem angry while not medicated properly, but inside I feel more pain than anger. I think the medication protects me more from myself than others from me. In other words, I am medicated for my own protection, and spellbound for “their” protection if that makes sense.

I did have a huge anger issue… it made me resentful… that made me more angry. Anxiety and paranoia also fed the anger flame.

I went to anger management classes… I found for me… I was convinced that things HAD to be a certain way… if they weren’t bad out comes would happen…

It was that NEED… to make it Ok and the fact that others didn’t realize that need… that made me so angry about stuff…

I was also told my sort of anger issues were a bit OCD flavored.

either way… therapy helped a lot… it let me let go… and in letting go… I found more calm… less anger…