Do you have a noise in ur head not a voice or music etc but just some noise ever since being on antipsychotics


Mine sounds like steam steaming out of ear lol
Or like a tape recorder on the record button.
It’s not necessarily ALWAYS there but when it is its pretty constant


That sounds horrible. Sounds worse than tinnitus. I don’t have anything like that.


It is kind of annoying yea.
Wondering if others experience any random noises on antipsychotics too. It comes out of only one of my ears funnily enuf


If it’s only in one ear, are you sure it’s not an ear problem rather than a hallucination?


You’re right it could be. I really should go gp soon about this.
Thanks ChaosBiology


It might be tinnitus. Tinnitus can create sounds other than ringing. I have tinnitus, which was actually helped by antipsychotics, but I’m pretty sure tinnitus is a side effect of quite a few meds.


Same here. But I also feel a numb weakness on the right side of my head.


I have a hissing sound on the right side of my head. It started in 1963. I had an EEG and the doctor said it was a hallucination. It is always there. I don’t attribute it to anti-psychotics.