Do you have a Kindle and if?

Do you have a Kindle and do you buy books from Amazon?

I have not used a computer for years except my kindle fire tablet.


Yes and yes. I’ve given up physical copies and just buy off amazon for my kindle.


I recently sold my Oasis, so I don’t have one currently. I did buy books on it often. However, there were so many issues with the program that I was going nuts. I sold it and got a tablet instead. My tablet was much bigger than anticipated, but I like the Kindle app better than the Kindle device, so it works out. I read on my phone often, too.

Except non-fiction. I almost always get non-fiction and classics in print.

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I don’t have a Kindle but I use the app on my Samsung tablet, and I buy a book about once or twice a month on the Amazon app. Still, there’s a couple authors who I sometimes buy physical books when they’re first released (like Stephen King).


I love my Kindle Paperwhite. I mostly read nonfiction, though, except for The Expanse series

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Got a PaperWhite. Not touched it in 8 months. Been listening to the audible versions instead. Mainly self help books, and a few books written by prison wardens lol.


I love my kindle, been using it for years.


I use the library, and free online libraries as much as possible. I have the kindle app on my phone but I will purchase a used paperback if it’s cheaper than the kindle version.

I have a barnes and noble nook tablet but i mostly read paperback

I have a Kindle. I download books online and use calibre to upload them on my Kindle. It’s a great little device.

I have a question, can you browse the web with a kindle?

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No 151515151 and no color

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Ohhh! Ok, good to know!

I have a Kindle from a friend. They never used it. My daughter does, I use the Kindle app on my phone. I have so many ebooks, free promos are your friend. So is Prime reading.

Lately I’ve been using the Libby app for borrowing library ebooks. You can have those books delivered to your Kindle or read in the Libby app.

Nope. I like old-fashioned paper books. From an old-fashioned bookshop. With a bookshoplady who knows me.

Hey, I have a Kindle Fire tablet and it’s in color and I can use the internet. I usually watch YouTube videos on it and headphones. It’s my only computer.

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There are lots of pdf books available online. We can also download the pdf and send it to kindle through email and read it from there.

I have kindle old edition. It is small 6". Like to read it in a big screen though.

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I have Fire 8 and 10 tablets. I don’t buy books from Amazon - too expensive. I poach sales elsewhere or use online libraries. I have disposed of most of my dead tree media as it takes up too much space.

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Ohh, i see. So kindle fire! Good to know, i thought it was only for books, lol.

I have a kindle and been using it for years. However the battery seems worn out as it can not last long once I have it charged fully.