Do you have a good relationship with your parents?

  • Yes
  • Only one parent
  • No

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Please feel free to exchange parents with guardians if needed. Or use “did” instead of do if your parents are no longer with us.

My parents put up with more than most would whilst I was growing up. They have my respect for sticking around when they had every opportunity to give up on me.

Now with all the collection of mental health problems, they’re my main contact with the outside world.

When they’re no longer with us, all I will have is the internet and the community mental health team if they decide to keep me :confused:

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Yes, absolutely — my mom is the nicest person and my dad is extremely helpful and intelligent, I love both of them dearly


i have a really great relationship with my parents… they help me with everything… I don’t know what i would do if my parents weren’t there anymore…

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One’s dead, have never met the other. My life is wonderfully uncomplicated by aging parents needing care on my side of the marriage.

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Asians usually have a good relationship with parents. Even though I’m up there in age, I stay with them and we help each other. They give cognitive support and in turn I help out around the house with repairs and tech support. It’s a fair trade-off.


I had a very strained relationship with my Mother growing up. But I have no doubt looking back, her anger and criticism came from a place of fear for me. I was part of the Wild Bunch when I was a kid. However, we made a measure of Peace before she passed away of cancer, actually before she even got sick, which I am proud of.

My father left for another woman when I was 8 years old. I had very minimal contact with him all my life until I broke my neck. Then he would call to check on me once in awhile. He became more like a buddy than a father, but it was certainly more than I ever had with him before. Thank God we made peace as well

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Yes but not the best due to my severe negative symptoms.

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I got taken into care aged 9 with my sister. I haven’t had much contact with my Mum since then. I’m friends with her on FB but don’t really let her into my life.


Me and my mum don’t have the smoothest of relationship.

Me and My Dad get on well though.


Thanks for the responses guys. I was really curious about how many people here have poor relationships with their parents.


Although my father doesn’t completely understand my disorder he’s been there for me through thick and thin.

My Mom was there for me when she was alive and healthy.

She passed away in 2019.

God Bless her.


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