Do you hate it when someone says "Smile!"

I’m told it’s very healthy to smile even when you don’t feel like it. So, I am trying to smile more but it looks more like a dirty grin right now.


I have a hard time with a smile especially with the small facial stick that happens. I’m not able to do a posed smile. I’m really happy if there are any pics of me not smoking or having my hands in my hair or in some odd pose.

A forced smile doesn’t work.

feels exactly like i do.

Yes, I hate that. Or when someone says, “smile, it’s not that bad”, I can’t stand it.

Or Have a nice day. bbbbb

the one i dont like is you look tired a polite way of saying you look like ■■■■.

During all my years of working, occasionally some random person (usually a man, no offense to anyone) would say “smile, you look prettier when you do”. I always wanted to smack them lol.

Another thing that used to get my goat was every now and then my Mom would say “Missy, you need to put on some lipstick” I always felt like it was her way of telling me I looked bad.

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I can’t smile on cue. I look gormless when i try. A smile should be natural and come when it’s due.

once a little old man in the Goodwill store asked me if someone had stolen my smile. I didn’t like being put on the spot like that but later he made it into my writing.

that is wierd when i try to force a smile i get a tick just below my eye aswell .
take care

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well if someone ask smiles.
I smile yet it must have been a crooked smile.

Yet i believe in laugh therapy, although its fake still if you see and hear the laughter, it makes
you laugh and smile as well.

so i say, why dont we have laughter therapy?

instead of the lame music or creative therapy…

it worked

she made me laugh.

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imagine this… going on in a group session.

Hey, it might work. Positive instead of negative.

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yes i agree with you.
I think laughter also release dopamine, beside it is contagious and a workout
i really think i would benefit more from this than the other therapy`s"
like the creative and music therapy.
i hope someone else also feels the same “not counting you chordy ,your in”

I now officially make this one for the suggestion box.

I hate it when someone draws a smiley face.