Why do people get mad when I don't smile in my pictures?

Why?10101010101151515 seems to upset people. I wonder why

I don’t know man. I find it difficult to smile in photos or at all in general.

Your current avatar is a good pic though. Maybe they just want to see that face.

Your smiling in your avatar

I smile now in my selfies. The trick is to say cheese right before taking the photo.

But some people are malicious and they just want you to make a goofy face in the photo so you look retarded, which is why I prefer selfies. Never smile unless you feel like it.

Hate smiling in photos.

It’s lying to be honest.

Im not ■■■■■■■ happy, this isn’t a happy place, this is a painful place, a sad place, an angry place, and a place of terror.

Quit smiling in pictures now goddamnit!

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Blunted affect can definitely affect your smile face, which is why I say don’t smile unless you feel like it.

Some of the best professional portraits I’ve ever done have been devoid of smiles.


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Never mind smiling. It’s a major effort getting a photo of me in the first place. Hate having my photo taken like 85% of the time.


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Who are these people? People you know? Because people you know want to see you happy and looking good. They’re looking out for you. Because the people looking out for you know that if you smile, you will look normal and fit in. You can argue against the concept of normality, but like it or not there is such a thing. But pixel is right, there can be “normal” people who don’t smile. But my advice is that if it’s in your power to smile, then I would do it. If you can’t smile, it’s still cool.

I cant force a smile, it just ends with me sort of bearing my fangs.

But when I laugh people can see a real smile with my eyes. Or when I actually smile. I hate being told to smile for a picture. I just sort of mess it up. One time for a family photo I just put a cigarette in my mouth for the picture because those make me smile. It didnt go well, my sister pulled it out of my mouth and threw it.

Why guilt?

Doesn’t seem right to feel that way for such things.

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No crime.

No guilt.

You didn’t do anything wrong is what i be sayin yo.

A picture is worth a thousand words they always say, but someone that would say that about the picture doesn’t ask any questions about the image being taken does they?

Why guilt?

Shame would also be out of the question. Thats like being ashamed of cancer.

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