Do you guys find relationships (all kinds ) stressful?

I’m just thinking to give up it’s really making me over think I can’t deal with having friends let alone a relationship of this kind.

I find that something comes along when you less expect it.

Sometimes it’s just what you need and for me means I’m no longer as psychotic, though I don’t remember how long for.

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I’m a full fledged loner now, to many years alone. Working at any relationship just scares me now and stresses me to no end

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I find family to be very comforting, but I struggle to maintain other relationships. I don’t know why.

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I am alright with relationships. I run into problems because my brain is not as good as a normal person but overall I am able to handle them both in dating and friendship. I also go to support groups which helps me practice at social skills.

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I find my relationship with my gay male friend to have taught me a lot. I’m happy I had it before I had a real relationship with a girl. Because my gay friend has a lot of feminine traits that I can learn from but he also has a lot of masculine traits which makes it easier for me. We’ve had a pretty damn smooth friendship the past 7 months, i think it proves to me relationships are good things. Even if I got frustrated with him a couple times I’ve learned to work on it.

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I find all kinds of relationships stressful because I very weak and powerless socially and increasingly physically weak and am almost always in a position of dependence, and at the mercy of others.


I don’t need nobody.

Good to see you around Ish.:blush::hibiscus:

I have not seen you active for s while.

You were dating a ms. Last time I read one of your posts.

I have difficulties with relationships and have had paranoia about my loved ones.

Delusions and paranoia and maybe even false memory that I truly believed.

I do not have friends as such but think I have friends in spirit and had two online on Facebook but we did not write often and I don’t think I have their details.

I had paranoia about my friends and family.

I have it about some of my boyfriends family and friends but not about my boyfriend but feel disappointed that he lets them be bad to me.
He says it is not true.

I was close to my grandma so believing she was trying to kill me and hated me was pretty aweful.

If I was in trouble I would turn to her even before I turned to my parents.

At one point we spoke every day on the phone and she said I was her favourite grandchild.

I love her still but she is dead now.

It is possible to have relationships specially if your loved ones understand that you are not well and what you have experienced etc

I did not tell them because I did not want to be hospitalised.
And be given more medication which I did not want back then.or now.

There were years where I should of been hospitalised but was not.

Only time I did not hear nasty words voices,screams , moans and gunshots back then was when I was asleep or blind drunk and I was disgusting when I was so drunk.

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Some of my boyfriends family and friends have been good to me.:pray:t3::two_hearts:

Or were bad but changed for the better.

Some are still nasty specially a couple or two…

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Yes maintaining a relationship is very stressful for me.

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I feel they all can be stressful at times. If we have more similar beliefs and it’s mutually supportive it works out good but still stress here and there. If we don’t have much in common I either end that friendship or see them very little. But in romantic relationships I need a lot in common, similar values, and such then it can be wonderful for me and them.

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I agree with you @anon80629714. Romantic relationships are just way too stressful to me. I can’t handle them at all.

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