Do you get any help from your therapist?

I have been talking for twenty five years and heard one helpful thing from a therapist. They are just plain Stupid.


I wouldn’t be functioning at this level if not for therapy. The meds only do so much.


This is true for most therapists but I found a real gem of a therapist.
She’s really helping me.


My therapist is awful. All he talks about is himself. I have a friend who says it’s done so much for her.

My problem with therapy is they can’t cure my schizophrenia and that’s my main problem. I have a bad disease and can’t be cured. How the ■■■■ do you fix that?

I have no problem thinking of things to say. I never talk about core issues and I don’t think anyone does, can, or is meant to.

That’s not a realistic expectation. They can help you develop strategies for coping with your schizophrenia and also negative emotions that can make it worse. Less stress, depression, and anger means you may be able to function on fewer meds.

Worth it.


I realize they can’t cure my schizophrenia. I cope just fine without therapy. I was a psych major in college and learned a lot of coping strategies. I play guitar, write, do chores, play with my puppy, talk to friends. But I just get upset that I have schizophrenia and nothing will ever take that away

I had thee most bizaree therapy ever. I did come to the conclusion that i have a dominant and weak side to my face…its not symmetrical. It means im two a shape shifter. It is the reason why i am girly sexually and a eccentric presidential candidate weirdo gorgeous man normally. It proves the existance of thee illuminati which is interesting becuase not only do i have no money in either checking or savings but for some reason i have a decent sometimes even fab sense of self confidence. I also started my own secret society which i am thee only member that is still alive. Ronald regan is the other member well becuase he freed the mental patients. We are like pinky and the brain. Haha just kidding! :joy:

Sorry guys im a bi polar comedian!

I am talking to my therapist today. What can I do to help you? they have asked before. I don’t know how to answer the question. It’s not a stupid question. What can I ask her? How can I open up when I get a new therapist every six months? I have the ability to talk forever and try to not write too long replies here, a gift, I guess…

It doesn’t help me. I have tried many therapists. Some of them hadn’t even heard about schizoaffective disorder.

It helps me, but my therapist wants to discharge me now that I am doing better.

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I couldn’t find one which can help either. First one ghosted me right after a med change. The second told me that if I don’t comply with the treatment she won’t treat me anymore. I want someone who is up for research in new ways of treatment, not just go by the book. Also they rarely listen to everything you have to say and are quick to put the diagnosis. So I got misdiagnosed. I am searching for a new one now but it’s difficult to find one that even works outside working hours or online.

Sounds like there is room for improvement.

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