Do you find, that zyprexa improves the mood?

I just wonder if it has this ability… :slight_smile:
My ex pdoc used to say, that its a bit antidepressive for my specific sz, but the thing is that i feel almost nothing as an effect from zyprexa… Dont get me wrong, its what makes me stand on my feet, but i wonder if it improves the mood too?..
I still suffer a lot, but now i fight heh and i dont want more meds… I even take it at 4pm, quite early in the day, when i start to suffer in my own, mind and physical world, i ignore though still if this ap helps this kind of soul suffering…
The other thing is that i need more energy too, but the lack of it mainly in my case is my psychosomatic disorder - the conversion disorder…
Hugs, lots of health and happiness to all!!!


When I was on zyprexa it didn’t elevate my mood. It just made me hungry.


My mother switched to Zyprexa 3 years ago…And mood wise she.has never been better of.


I suspect it varies.

Someone I know loves how zyprexa relaxes him.

I feel all the antipsychotics do temporarily take me out of an extremely depressed delusional state. But then they are pro-depressant and blunting when I use them for maintainance. I get sad, unmotivated, suicidal and numb after a few days to a week of taking them.

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Ok, thank you all for the answers… :hugs: :hugs:
Well, i still didnt figure out if it elevates my mood, but at least, i am on my feet in the day with it…
Yeah, aps are tricky, i know… Probably very individual too…
I take it even, when i just to start to suffer too much about my life… But maybe it has a numbing effect, am not sure…

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In fact, my mom enters in the hospital tomorrow, i am not even good to take her to there, so i almost cry now… :persevere::persevere:
Pray for her pls if you can, pals, its mainly examens but i want her alive for more years still, while she is quite weak already… :cold_sweat::cold_sweat:
I got scared around this change in our situation, i cant even walk now…
For the zyprexa, it’ll be probably even worse without it, but i am fragile on it still, way too much but i cant take meds for all my different 20 states in a day, thats it too… :smirk:
Let God help us all, take care!!!

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Maybe it is a matter of dosage?

It had a small effect on my mood when i was on 5 mg, but after i increased dose to 10 mg i had a far better effect on my mood. It beats every antidepressant i have been on, besides MAO-i.

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Anna1 I understand your concerns about your mother. Every day when I wake up the first thing I do is to call up my mother who is 77. And twice a week I buy groceries for her. I hope your mother survives it all.

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Zyprexa made me mildly depressed. I wasn’t desperate while I was on it, but it was unpleasant. It made me crave sugar and want to sleep a lot.

I think if a person has a hard time dealing with emotions it improves by making people feel flat. Personally I miss the emotions I had before zyprexa, to me it is a unpleasant side effect. Effective for psychosis though which often consists of a rage of emotions.


Probably not but if you’re not experiencing positive symptoms then you might have a better mood

I see, thanks :slight_smile:
Just saw my pdoc, he finds me a bit manic though, while this never happened before…
But i abused of ativan yesterday, i’ll take notice,i wont do it again, these benzos just numb it all sheesh…
He said though, that a bit of mania is ok, he always saw me till now just smashed and paranoid lol… But i have the paranoia still now, even around this mania, strange…

I’ve been told the arpiprazole also acts as a mood stabiliser to lift me out of depression.

Anna1 I hope that your mother’s do well now.

Zyprexa helps my mood I think. I’m glad it helps you too.

Zyprexa manages the content of my voices and keeps me delusion-free. It also increases appetite and seems to slow metabolism so I need to work extra hard not to gain weight.

I think that maybe it only seems to improve mood from other peoples perspective looking at the patient. Of that makes sense.

Im on olanzapine, helps a bit my mood, Im also on sertraline.