Do you feel up and down emotionally from time to time and not have bipolar as well?

Does schiz also effect your emotions?

It definitely does affect my emotions. My fiancee can attest to that! I am uncertain about what specifically differentiates mood disorders from schizophrenia and the combination, schizoaffective disorder. All I know for sure is that schizophrenia certainly can bring one way down, but we can have our ups as well.

Hi Ish,

Yeah, this head circus does effect my emotions. In a negative swing, it strips them all away and locks them up so I can’t get to them.

In a positive swing I get pretty emotional and all over the board.

There has been hits of depression and deep agitation. I’ve woken up out of the blue hyper and giddy. I’ve had days were everything is gray empty and horrid.

I’m getting better at shaking off the out of the blue stuff. But wow what a roller coaster this can be.

I’m starting to learn all people do go through mood swings. Although not as dramatic as in any of the mood disorders.

I am constantly having mood swings or shifts in mood - presently going through subtle mixed episodes - but I have bipolar.
Even neurotypicals experience some shifts in mood - if you have schizoaffective, its kind of like bipolar sometimes -moods will swing up and down

i’m pretty stable emotionally tbh. voices don’t really get to me much these days. consuming though they may be it doesn’t really bother me as i deal with it anyway :smiley: -)

my swings used to be mostly in the mania, but now they seem to rarely go to mania and stay more in the depressed this year. kinda goes a week or 2 low then a day or 2 normal then up a bit for a few days then back down

i also wonder if its cause my body/mind is recovering from an episode i had in august, time will tell

I usually feel lethargic and dumb in the morning after bed. Then about 2 or 3 hours later I wake up fully and have the energy to focus on work.

I usually feel lethargic for the whole day, i just force myself to do stuff its a freakin pain in the ass. I do have other days where I wake up and i have lots of energy. its a puzzle.

That’s awful, levelJ1. Without decent work, one couldn’t feel happy. I drink coffee and take magnesium to reduce the fatigue. You may need to try theses too.

thanks , maybe ill try the magnesium, coffee does help though

how much magnesium do you take and at what times during the day?

I take 250mg magnesium daily, usually at lunch time.


I took 500mg last night and tonight again, it seems to make me feel very calm after about 20 mins, I will keep taking it and see how it goes

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Good for you. Hope this good effect lasts for long.