Do you feel trapped by life?

Like no matter what you do ur stuck in hell. Like ur just trapped in this cage called life and theres no escape not even through death itself. I feel like this periodically like i just can’t work the system even if i try. That im a slave to time moving forward and it just wont stop. Like nothing ever changes especially changes toward good

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Suffering with schizophrenia sucks but there’s two billion other people on this planet who:

Do not have their own computer or access to one.
Do not have running water in their home or hut.
Do not have jobs or a school they can attempt to go to.
Do not have inside plumbing.
Share a one-room abode between 3, 4 or 5 of their family members.
Have practically no access to a doctor.
Are living through constant war or other conflicts.
Go to bed hungry most nights.
See their family members or neighbors or friends dying at a young age from medical conditions that they had no treatment for, while in industrialized nations like the U.S. if we get the same condition we can run to a pharmacy and get a pill to get rid of the problem.

Everything is relative.


Sometimes but sometimes I feel liberated by it. The chances alone of us existing are so soo slim it is practically zero. We can do anything.

No. Life is hard. But it does get better. And sometimes it gets bad but always gets better. I have hope


I did until I went on antidepressants.