Do you feel tired most of the time?

I always feel tired during the day, I spend most of the day in bed because I feel so tired, I don’t sleep well at night.
Sometimes I think I have me/cfs or something, because I need 16 hours rest a day.
My blood test results are all normal.

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What med are you on? On abilify I don’t get tired…but clozapine was a different story

I am on Fluvoxamine and Chlorpromazine which are both sedating medications. But my tiredness seems more than the tiredness caused by just the meds.

Im very tired a lot of the time i have to lie down a lot during the day

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I was tired all the time until I realised I had a b12 deficiency. Had a few injections and felt like the Duracell bunny.

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Maybe that’s what I need! :0 I think it’s the meds but what if it’s b12?

Exactly go get it checked out it saved my life i was a zombie without b12

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I feel the same way! So tired of being tired. I want to feel like a kid again. I’d wake up refreshed and refused naps becsise I wasn’t tired.

i do feel tired most of the day and i drink coffee for it . about two or three cups a day