Do you feel this site is mainly left leaning, and closing down long history of conspiracy theories?

it’s underwritten, and said, the beliefs come out, and they’re always opposed.
try to make your way about no politics on this site.

Oy vey…


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I almost stopped listening to NPR entirely, except I like story corner, and arts and culture.

I’m sure it’s a bit left-leaning by American standards but to me it’s pretty conservative.

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well, there’s no religion, so where do you get that?

It’s more like butting heads, and then seeing who gets suspended.

it’s actually amazing, how so many want to be free in their lives,
and choose not to be open-minded.

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Yup, I had a difficult experience just now after doing self-hypnosis. Have NOWHERE to talk about it. And forget therapy or psychiatrists who just push pills. This website is not for the open-minded.

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Politics and religion are restrictive to their core. I fail to see how you believe they offer one an open mind, when they both do nothing but segregate, and teach intolerance.

Isn’t gettr a thing you can rant on?


I get that but I think they are so much a part of people’s lives/not that I would want a ton of debates on here, but that not being allowed to express anything related to political or spiritual/well I mean it just takes away from individuality…if that makes sense. I mean everyone is different…

no. there’s no free flowing of ideas, or beliefs.

you’re shut down.

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Conservatism isn’t even mainly about religion.


well, jury of the peers on here, says, what the media, says, you don’t got a right to say, and we’ll fact check you everytime.

I have no idea what you’re talking about. You’re probably just angry about getting suspended for trash talking others again.

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the last suspension was from, maybe you, and if you noticed, all seems fine. no need for it.

I didn’t really suspend a lot so I doubt it. Also I quit being a mod.

like many of us I need to stop saying, Fu-ck off when someone starts something with me.

Deal what? What am I supposed to do in return for what? Do what you want. But you’re no freedom fighter.

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I may be a hit uptown, but you should see what they say about me downtown Come on @Treebeard done a lot…

Sure, whatever.

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I’m closing this. You’re making absolutely no sense.