Do you feel the meds reduce your skill in sports?

I’m doing worse in skateboarding than before.

Wondering if its the invega sustenna.

I wouldn’t know about the skateboarding, but it stands to reason that the med’s would affect your balance. I lost a lot of physical strength when they put me on Moban, a typical anti-psychotic. When I was on Haldol I was so lethargic that my skills in sports eroded. Since I’ve been on Geodon I can’t hardly jog at all. When I got off Haldol without doctor supervision I was able to work out pretty hard and I regained some of my strength. Then I got psychotic without Haldol and I had to go back on it, and my skills eroded again. I hate the way antipsychotics weaken me.

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My friend who has schizophrenia bought a board when he was 23 and he had no problems skateboarding around the city.

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@77nick77 but you dont know if he would skate better if he havent got sz.

@crimby thanks. looking forward going off meds

My former psychologist who was diagnosed with schizophrenia in his twenties, weight lifts and surfs the ocean.

He’s in his 70s by now and takes meds regularly.


nope…never had any skills in sports…


As an athlete myself, I can say for sure that they do. More like schizophrenia in my case gave me an advantage before. I have the angry superhuman strength schizophrenia. I was ridiculously good at fighting, then I retired from that and became a master level powerlifter, then retired from that and went to bodybuilding then went to calisthenics.

As someone who has lifted several hundred pounds repetitively and beat instructors in fights, it was because I either wasn’t on meds or was skipping one of them and instead taking caffeine.

My meds today make me not as great. I actually take them all like I am supposed to these days. However, I’m still well above average.


@mortimermouse wow!
is this sz advantage a thing?
never knew about that.
can i get that if i go off meds and not go psychotic?
do you have any material that talks about this stuff? (articles, books, videos)

Uh well I don’t feel like posting articles about schizophrenics with a certain profile of symptoms being more manic because it’s all written at the doctoral grade level and you wouldn’t like it, that and a lot of the research is only available to researchers in institutional databases so I can’t share links to whole articles.

Having strong positive symptoms, low negative symptoms, high intelligence and manic-like symptoms is a thing as of late- researchers have noticed and are now documenting it (I’ve been documented in a study).

Remove the meds and nothing good will happen. Trust me on that. Unless of course your meds are causing you serious health problems as side effects.

Schizophrenia is not one size fits all cases.


There are times when I have missed my med’s that I got emotional enough and angry enough that I might develop much greater strength than normal. I try to never miss my med’s because I don’t like being that angry.

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Thats just what i’ve got! but what do you mean by that? are these the ones who have the strenght?
I had no negative symptoms, my pdoc said i have above avarege IQ and I was all active/manic when psychotic. but for the strong positive ones, i didnt hear voices, just some delusions i got after smoking weed :frowning:

i must try!!! with the supervision of my pdoc, if i become bad i will come back to them

but my dream is to become off meds for life, its ok if I get a little manic or something as long as i can study and function socially

thanks :blush:

i’'ll be afk for some hours now :confused:

If you only had delusions and no hallucinations, and only had delusions after smoking weed, you might not have true schizophrenia. Just saying. Be glad. Mania can make people get pretty far in life, I’ve seen it.

Unless you have paranoid ideation and respond to it aggressively, I doubt you would have retard strength like I did at my peak. But being manic is an edge, no ■■■■, being manic is an edge.

You would make a great athlete. Or professor. Or Doctor. Or all of the above- if you play cards well. You can spin insane energy into working for you. I’ve seen it done plenty. I dated a manic med student who was at the top of her class, and I am pretty accomplished at whatever it is I choose to do- these days I do research in psychology.

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I can still swim. When I was on high doses of Seroquel alone… yes… my balance was off.

But when the Seroquel got cut back, the Latuda got added and I got my strength back, I got some of my ability back too.

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@mortimermouse [quote=“mortimermouse, post:12, topic:38093”]
If you only had delusions and no hallucinations, and only had delusions after smoking weed, you might not have true schizophrenia

it was more like this, i smoked weed everyday for some months, then started to feel a joy/bliss/connection with the universe/mania, thought i was enlightened, felt AWESOME, best in my life, then i stopped smoking and felt like this for a week or so. it was like this .then i smoked again and THEN it started to get bad, paranoid and referential delusions, etc.

then took APs for a month, then stopped it, then it came back like a mix of spiritual stuff with paranoid delusions, but i was not feeling “bad”, it was good too. then back on aps till now. do you think this is schizophrenia?

when i was manic, if i really was, i felt like i could do anything, fixed stuff in my building, started learning french, started writing a lot of my “theories” about life (maybe a bit delusional), started writing lyrics… it was A W E S O M E. i felt like a kid discovering the world.

Sounds a bit more like schizoaffective or maybe- just maybe- bipolar type 1. Not really sure, but sounds like you have a disorder of some sort. Really I say schizoaffective. But you need to ask a licensed psychiatrist or clinical psychologist.

I don’t advise going to a counselor. You’re case is too far from normal and too neurological, which counsellors are less savvy at than clinical therapists.

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right. my old pdoc said i had schizophrenia, the new one doens’t really know if its szaffective, bipolar or whatever.
to me, i’m a shaman in training :smile:
just hope i manage to do well without meds

The odds are that you won’t feel or do better without meds- in fact, the odds are that things will not go well. I have to tell you that plain and simple.

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i must try, if i don’t do well i simply come back to meds ;/

ive read a lot that some people do well withoutem…