Do you feel that you are

Surviving and thriving

Or just surviving?

Feel free to elaborate :smiley:

I feel like I’m just in the surviving mode in this stage of my life.

But I seriously, passionately want to reach a thriving stage in 4 years time.

That’s my goal.


Surviving on a daily basis with success

I gotta change things up sometimes though. When I change things up I believe I’ve beat MI and I’m onto a new chapter in life.

Idk if this is a problem or not. But it keeps me going I think

Fresh starts


I need to remind myself somehow that it can be okay to be just surviving.


Like I am a human being.

I try my best.

I deserve to love and be loved.


Ever since discovering my love for the banjo I feel like I am living rather than just existing.

It’s that little spark that can make a life thrive.


I’d say a mixture of both. :mouse:

Sometimes, I’m just barely getting by. Every day is massive struggle. Just getting through life, one day at a time.

Sometimes, I feel like life is really fun (usually summer and fall)! When we go camping, hiking, biking, go to the park, go to a festival, go to the Farmers’ Market, go to FanX (comic and pop culture convention), etc… All that stuff makes me happy. I feel like I’m thriving more often in summer and fall.

I do struggle any time of year, at random times, though. But winter is usually the hardest for me.


For the last 17 years it’s been just surviving.

But this year things have really turned around, I’m hoping with my new job my personal income will surpass the poverty line, lol. I know that isn’t much of an achievement in the grand scheme of things but I’ve been on disability so it would be the first time in almost 20 years. But I only got my job mid way through this year, so I think I will definitely pass the poverty line next year! I will have a little money and my mental and physical health is currently very good. If I can achieve and maintain those 3 things I will consider myself thriving.

Sometimes I wish I had a girlfriend, I’ve had opportunites but based on my experience they don’t like the fact I have schizophrenia once I tell them so I’ve come to accept I’ll probably remain single. That is really the only thing that could improve in my life.

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Thriving feels like a very strong word but I’m doing well.


Yea… Sunny warm clear weather can have an impact. We are having a sunny day today which is unusual for September but it somehow does help somewhat

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Hmm. Have you considered just putting yourself out there onto a dating website. Sometimes they are successful, especially when one makes effort in reaching out.

I use pof and OK cupid.

Though I use it to find female friends instead. But I feel good knowing that I’m making a little effort.

I check in on it once per day or so

Somewhere in between I’m currently taking 3 classes at a pretty good university. Already got my associates I don’t know how I do it with all my symptoms. It’s not easy but so far I’m doing ok.

More thriving than surviving. Admit to having days where the physical health can be frustrating, but I do my best to push past it and have fun.

Surviving definitely.

Having fun like always tho.


But yeah, i don’t necessarily feel like surviving, more like scavenging or something.

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just surviving here, but good weather helps me enjoy life, and sometimes i tell myself im lucky im not miserable working a dead end job and have all this free time to live life slowly, although it can get boring sometimes

Yeah, I wrote about an experiment I did on dating sites, one of them was pof. I’ve been on a few Internet dates but they went nowhere. I don’t have a problem meeting or talking to women in real life, I’m pretty good at reading body language and women see me at grocery stores and other places and make it obvious they are interested and want me to hit on them, it’s just when I tell them I have schizophrenia they lose interest. There has only been a few women that were still interested after I told them but we ended up having nothing in common. I’d rather be single than in a relationship I’m not happy with. I’m lonely and frustrated, but not desperate. I’m probably a little too picky too.

About a year ago my ex from 20 years called me up and wanted to hook up, I told her that a few years after we broke up I was diagnosed with schizophrenia. I never heard back from her. That’s just an example of what I deal with.

how do you know that was the reason?

I sat down with Phil on the second day of knowing him, and told him everything, and he didn’t run away. He accepted it all.

he’ll tell me now, you’ve had a rough go of it, Sheri. yeah.

Because before I started telling women I had schizophrenia I did pretty well with women.

Plus the dynamics for men and women are different. Men seem to be more accepting of a women with schizophrenia, than women are accepting of a man with schizophrenia. Men want to spread their seed, women want the best genes for their offspring.

Plus it’s a fact that women have an easier time finding a man, than a man does finding a woman. Even if you put mental illness aside, the “Incel” crowd is almost exclusively male. It’s a rare woman that can’t find a man, but there are a ton of men that can’t find a woman.

I wouldn’t say it’s easier. Women face more danger then men do, or that’s been my perception. But passive women do get more messages, more attention, and more options, than passive men.

generalizations!!! my gawd.

I’m not saying there are not exceptions to the rule, but yes these are the general trends. It’s just the way it is.

Just use this forum as an example. There are plenty of women with partners, and plenty of single men.

I feel I’m just surviving. My life has become a bore.