Do you feel order in your mind?

Do you feel order in your mind? In my case, I feel one topic then other topic then other topic, etc.
If this is your case how do you manage with this problem?

I just go with the flow. There is peace in chaos


Somewhat. My mind is mostly reigned by disorder; lots of things in my mind are scattered around. Sometimes, everything is more quiet, but other than that, I’m pretty much a scatterbrain.

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It’s been hard to think lately. I’ve had this problem before and my PDOC (am I using this right?) said to take some low grade stimulants like cinnamon or coffee. I’ve been drinking green tea but I don’t have the will to do it lately. So, yeah it kinda makes sense why I’m not doing well.

In general no. I would say there’s very little symmetry up there like a lopsided halo spinning in both directions. But when I do feel like everything is less randomized in my head, I get nervous cause that might just mean its more out of control then ever. What’s weird is I find my mind to be very assymetrical, but the outside world very calculated like cosmically planned coincidence.

I would say so. There’s almost an inner peace going on.

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i have a routine i follow everyday… :blue_book:
it works for me :blush:
take care :alien:

I used to, but now it seems to fragmented to ever return to the uncomplicated life I still long for.

Thanks my friends for your answers. I learn of everyone.

Somewhat related: I do feel psychosis has helped me to flesh out more explicitly a somewhat coherent worldview. It is part of my studies (philosophy) to do so, but I think psychosis has fueled this theoretical exercise with a lived sense of urgency that my fellow students probably lack.

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Schizophrenia has made me more philosophical AND crazy. I think the two go hand in hand lol! What type of philosophy are you interested in?

My brain jumps around a lot as well… it’s like a channel surfer with a fast remote in my head…

I have Seroquel to help slow it down…

But I also find… when I get a racing mind… I also get sort of anxious and fidgety…

Perfect time for a walk… a run… a swim… burn off the nervous energy.

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very much so for me. I’m writing my thesis on the intelligibility of delusions. My main interest has always been Wittgenstein’s antiphilosophy

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Very interesting yours comments, my friend.

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