Do you ever worry about ridiculous things?

I have a loved one camping out with a Christian (not that that makes a difference), and I’m scared something happened ti him. His cell phone probably died, but what if something horrible happened to him?

I know the feeling. I worry about everything, and in my head one thing will start a chain of events that somehow leads to something horrific. The other night I didn’t want to call the crisis number because then the cops would come and break down my door and shoot my dogs because they would bark at them. So I couldn’t call crisis because I love my dogs. If you do this too don’t talk to people starting at one topic, neglecting to explain the steps, and end at another topic. It confuses them. Every time you get that fear rationalize it. He can’t call because he can’t charge his phone so it died. It’s a good sign you realize it’s an irrational fear. Good luck to you. :sunny:

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Thanks @SunGirl, we’ve had quite the conversations tonight, huh? :smiley:

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We have! It’s good when you can find people to relate to. :sunny:

True, true, I think you and I can relate to a lot of similar things. :smiley:

I agree. For me it is so hard to find people in real life that know what I’m going through. I was going to group therapy before, actually I started doing it again recently, and one of the guys was sza. But he just had symptoms. He didn’t know what it’s like to live in psychosis. So we couldn’t relate to each other. On here people understand what I’m talking about. Well I hope you’re having a good night.Good talking to you. :sunny:

Dear @SunGirl, I went to a SZ anonymous meeting once, and it was like “Look how Johnny good is doing” as he’s pumped full of Haldol, drooling. I never went back. Now when I was a teenager, forget about it. Family therapy always descended into finger-pointing and yelling. I tell people I need therapy because of therapy.

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This is very humorous, alien99. I found your brain is very sharp despite that you have seizures.

@green6 Don’t let the seizures fool you, my IQ is 148. :smiley:

Wow, I was really impressed by this high IQ score. I have only about 115-120. Couldn’t remember for sure.

Average is 95-100. 20 characters

That’s good to know. I have thought my score was low and felt bad about it.

130 is near-genius! 20 charachters

I don’t know what my IQ is but I surprised myself on how good some of my school papers were.

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“All my life I worried about problems that never happened”.
Mark Twain.


Constantly. It’s the general and social anxiety. My brain latches onto the silliest things to worry about.

@firemonkey, I can totally relate. I have my wife text me when she gets to work so I know she didn’t die in an auto accident, and I talk to her all the way home on a Bluetooth. Just one of many examples.

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I find the antipsychotic doesn’t help for that.

Nope, me neither. 20 characters.

I am the master of catastrophic thinking. I’ve been fighting off some gruesome scenarios lately.

when my sis worked at the pool near the College campus… if she was late, I was sure she was kidnapped and drug into a frat house… and it just gets worse from there.

Also, when she’s late… I always think the worst, I never just think that she’s stopped off at the shop for something to cook for dinner or she’s stuck in bad traffic.

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