All my life I worried about problems that never happened

A quote I like from Mark Twain.


Isnt that kinda similar to paranoia ?

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I think of it as possible scenarios, to quell my anxieties. I love, love, LOVE it when it turns out well.

I worry a great deal about things that have never happened.

I think it was you @77nick77 who once said on a thread of me worrying about afterlife that that’s something I’ll worry about at the time not now. Not at that time but a bit later I remembered it and was like yeah! . I feel like I’m ruining my life if I allow myself to worry about that all the time so I should just try my best to seperate that from me for now, as long as I’m trying my best.
Thanks @77nick77 for the wisdom.


That quote is oh so true. It’s difficult not to worry but at the same time a little negative visualization can prepare you in the event of adversity.

You are very wise and I mean that. Maybe you could become a shaman in your village?



Truly before the diagnosis I lived in fear. What people thought about me. What people did to me. I was bullyied a lot in school and work. STill. Sz makes you available for such things. You second guess yourself and then you worry if your doing the right thing…

Have some faith in yourself and your process. Do what comes natural. Your a decent human and you’ve a great sense of humor. Don’t worry about the bad interactions. Focus on the good.

Life is too short to worry about what may or may not be. Just be!


I applied but I didn’t get the job, instead they hired the guy who told everybody to water their lawns in the morning instead of the middle of the day. Hell, I tell people the correct way to vacuum and mop floors and everybody ignores me. That friggin dude tells everybody how to save a few cents on their water bill and he’s treated like the third coming of Christ.

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I applied to be President of the United States but apparently they don’t hire unstable people. Then I applied to be a stand up comedian however I was denied the job as I put ‘standing’ under limitations. Then I applied to become a cruise ship captain but that was another no cuz under education I wrote ‘seen Titanic’



You’re hilarious! Between you and @77nick77, I’m always entertained lol


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