Do you ever wish you had cancer instead?

I do just so i could have more support. I’m ashamed of my illness. Cancer would be no picnic either but i think you would have a lot more compassion. :slight_smile:

My mother had pancreatic cancer. It was the most horrific and painful way to die. Some cancers can be cured, but most cancers like pancreatic cancer has no cure.

Yeah i guess i just mean curable cancer because obviously if it’s terminal than i would rather have a mental health problem.

Sometimes I wish for a terminal physical illness. Sometimes I just like the thought of dying.

I had an aunt pass away due to cancer, she was in unbearable physical pain and would cry all the time due to the pain she was in. She couldn’t even walk she was in so much pain. I would never want to suffer like that, more support or not. She was on feeding tubes in the end.

I don’t mean terminal cancer. But point taken. :slight_smile:

Forget about cancer for one second. If you take all of the mental illnesses, schizophrenia carries the most stigma against it. I am telling you, many mental health professionals have a very distorted view on what sz is really all about. You see plenty of media attention, commercials on autism,bipolar, depression. You never see anything positive on tv about sz.

I agree with you, wave. I was educated about the disorder in the university. It is nothing similar to what I experienced. I watched a lecture of Stanford university in YouTube on sz recently. They are rubbish, only contribute to a lot of stigma. What the health professions are doing, I think they make themselves an easy life.

i do not think either mental illness or cancer is exactly attractive options, how about an ingrowing toe nail, that would be okay !
my wife had stage 4 cancer, and she had to really want to live.
my demons and monsters and dark angels have had a vote and we want to stick with mental illness, yeah for us, good work team !


This is an interesting question, but one thing I have realized with time is any of us can also have cancer or heart disease or any number of illness. Along with schizophrenia.

It is not one or the other it is both at least in probability.

no one here gets out alive.