Anyone fear that one day they will eventually die?

Hi, are you scared of dying?


Death Doesn’t Scare Me Yo (!!!)


Most days I fantasize about it (even though I’m happy most of the time and love life and myself)

I fear pain, not death. But honestly, once you’re dead, everything doesn’t matter. A serial killer can abduct me and torture me for weeks and when I die, I’ll have no recollection of it, never will.


I dream about it I want it! I do not fear pain or death as I know it is what I deserve to save those around me

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You think you’re a burden to everyone? :pensive: I guess me, too. But it’s not a deciding factor in my suicidal thoughts.

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Personal question sorry but what does then?

death might be peaceful…


I think I couldn’t be selfless like that. You need to mix in… other people can put themselves first and so can you. A little egotism does no harm. Correct me if I’m wrong…

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hi mouse, I have this fear yes. I am not still stabilized and it haunts me :/… I knew the psychic death, I stop eating when I am bad so probably I can die because of my schizophrenia… I am so alone now and I am still afraid to die after so many years of dumb things… probably ill get used to it one day :slight_smile:

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Yes I fear death. Most of what I cherish is in my own mind, and I cherish is immensely. I’m afraid that it will all just cease to exist, like a wiped hard drive, when I die. If I could have my “mind” transferred to a machine and exist onward that way, I wouldn’t be scared of that, of losing my body. I don’t obsess about it very often, though, so it doesn’t give me much anxiety in general. But when I think about it, yeah it sucks.

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hi Anna, after twenty years of psychosis I know where you’re at. I feel as if I’ve been here centuries without knowing it. I feel fear having been tortured not understanding why or for whom… Now, I never have believed in the afterlife in this lifetime but I’m so, so alone. I now fear death intensely.


I just fear the unknown… it’s terrifying.

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I’m like the least selfless person I know I’ve hurt so many through my issues and delusions so I always wish I could go. I find that is the one thing that normally tips sujcidal thoughts into suicidal feelings and desires

we are all similar in one way and another. Sometimes I’m a nightmare… but sometimes I see myself in a better light. I’m selfish when delusional too! Don’t worry because that you feel you should be one way or another means you’re trying for one reason or other…

Of course Im afraid of death - its the big unknown.

Not existing scares the ■■■■ out of me.


It’s ok. I have no idea! It’s not my emotions. I am just naturally suicidal. I think it’s a manifestation of my schizophrenia. I’m not depressed, sad, angry, etc

In my psychoses I get really scared of hell. When I’m not psychotic I’m still a little scared of dying. I regret the way I’ve lived my life. I read stories about near death experiences, both hellish and heavenly, and they make me scared (the hellish ones).

I believe in life after death, I do. Whether it’s reincarnation with some between point before hand, who knows. But something’s keeping me alive. I can’t imagine non-existance, it’s something my mind can’t fathom, can’t come to terms with, a seeming impossibility.

I’ve gone through enough hell for six lifetimes and continue to suffer. I’m sure I could somehow fenagle enough Fentanyl out of someone to go the way I wish, I mean I can’t say it hasn’t crossed my mind, I don;t DO the stuff but it’s crossed my mind. I guess what keeps me living day to day are the little things and the thread of hope I cling to that at times seems to wear but at others seems just strong enough to hold onto. And that hope is that the wrongs will be righted, not in a veangeful way as is what I believe started this insane charade but in a rational, peaceful honest way. No, I will probably not be the “hurricane” or “tidal wave” I’ve been predicted to become. I just want peace and truth and reconcilation with those I love.

I’m afraid of it, but I don’t think about it. I used to obsess about it before meds though. The best thing to do if you’re thinking that far in advance is to bring it back to ’ today’. What can you do to improve today.


Stop thinking about…its going to be awhile…its like knowing you have work and school…