Do you ever have to take extra benzos

i went up to taking 2 0.5 mg klonopin as needed when my anxiety was higher. my doc said its okay but just not to do that often because it would make me run out of it quicker,

i have gone back to only taking 1 0.5 mg pill about once a week and i havent been very anxious often, but my question is for those of you on benzos:

do you ever feel like sometimes you have to take a higher dose than regular when you are having worse anxiety? not a tolerance thing because you go back to taking the normal amount the next time, but just when u are having a really bad day

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Not really, but I might take one today because to prevent a panic attack from coming.


I used to need more for sure. I’m allowed to take up to .75 mg prn klonopin per day. So that’s 1.0.

I take .25 every morning. However that’s all I’ve needed for a while now.

Haven’t needed the prn.

I told my pdoc about how I use it as a prn sometimes and he said “I trust you. You’ve kept it together over these years.”

But he writes on the bottle “take half a pill daily. And Half a pill every 8 hours as needed”.

It sounds like you’re taking it responsibly cigarino!! Just keep following your doctors recommendations and you’ll know yourself within those guidelines and you’ll be fine that way.

I’m glad klonopin is helping you. When used as a medication the way it should it could be a helluva lifesaver for a lot of people.

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I am prescribed 2 0.5mg a day. :fox_face::fox_face::fox_face:

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