Is it OK to take more medication?

Is it OK to take more than allotted prn. Am taking .5 mg of clonazapam.

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No it is Not okay. If you feel you need a stronger dose, call your doctor and set up an appointment as soon as possible.


I recommend talking to a doctor about it before you actually do it.


I take a minimum dose so when I get stressed my pdoc says I’m ok to increase it. Well he didn’t really ok it I just started doing it and he was ok with it. I would only vary a half of a pill but it was enough to keep my stress away. So then on my prescription he started writing take 1 1/2 to 2 tablets per day. But yes the correct answer is call your doctor.

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Just talk it over with your doctor
You can ask him or her if you can take extra when you are more anxious

I rarely take extra of my clonazepam but I will when it’s needed
Good luck!

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My anxiety is so improved I only take .25 mg of klonopin per day now to deal with withdrawal


Dude I thought you said 25mg not 0.25 and I was like DAFUQ? ONLY 25mg? Dude that would kill a horse!

Sounds like you’re becoming tolerant to it . Upping the dose is a fools game.

Anti-psychotics are powerful drugs. Its best to take them only as prescribed.

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Thanks crimby will talk it over with my doctor, don’t want to be too dependant on the medication, would probably hate withdrawal symptoms.

I take more Seroquel, it is hard to overdose on Seroquel.

In my experience, this seems harmless enough when you’re just taking, say, half an extra pill. You think, “What’s the harm?” But it always becomes more, and then more, and before you know it, you’re running out before the end of the month, and having withdraws. Benzos are dangerous, if only because the withdraws can greatly exacerbate feelings of stress and anxiety once you become dependent upon them, and that’s an easy thing to do once you’ve taken them long term.

P.S. I’m currently looking into an alternative to klonopin for my anxiety issues.

That’s good eduvigis, wish I took seroquel for anxiety.

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