Do you ever have nightmares about your illness?

I sometimes have nightmares where my illness is as bad as it was in the past again. I had one tonight. There were a bunch of kids over at our house and they wanted help with their homework but my paranoia was so strong I had to first find a room that was “safe” for us to work in, then I had to turn on all of the lights and close any doors in that room.

By the time I ended up getting a room all set up the kids had left. I was all alone. I was so scared in the dream.

I used to always feel there was something dangerous lurking around the corner or hiding invisible somewhere.


Yeah that happened to me last night. I dreamt of people reading my mind. Then I thought I was dead, but if I questioned whether I was dead they would come back and psychically attack me.

It takes awhile to calm down from things like that. It helps if you have someone to call and talk to.

A lot of times I dream I’m closed in an elevator, I think it could relate with my negative and cognitive symptoms